Story Alchemy

Where stories are magical journeys to transform your life.

Magical Stories

Shamanic stories that inspire, uplift and pour their Medicine into your heart, body and psyche. Be nurtured, challenged and supported in living an inspired life. Stories accompanied by poems, inspirational visuals, rituals and other interactive tools that transform them into ceremonies for life.

Life-changing Story Journeys

Walk into a story as a portal for the transformation you need to create the life and work you want. Story Journeys go beyond how-to courses to help you embody the change you want through creative activities and ceremonies. It's experiential learning at its best, especially designed for you as a creative woman.

Fun live events

Membership Level: Attend our Artchemy Atelier to do your creative projects in good company and live support. Attend our ChiDance Studio to explore energy movements to change energy patterns. Attend our Monthly Gatherings to get live support and questions answered personally by Maria Mar.