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Take Your Goddess Out of the Suitcase-Share your Creations with the World

Activate your Goddess Self to shine bold and bright, stand in your value with bone-deep confidence and communicate your unique genius joyfully

 This journey is made for creative, innovative women 
who are sharing their gifts, talents and expertise
to make a profound difference in the world. 
Feel that the way they are presenting themselves
based on what they've learned about business and marketing
is misaligned with their unique genius
that the struggle to communicate their innovation
exacerbates old doubts, fears and limitations
they are holding back when they want to move forward
and playing hide and seek with their brilliance.

It's time to shine bright and bold
in your beautiful true colors!

It's time to
Take your Goddess Out of the Suitcase

Are you a creative woman?  

Your creativity can take the form of art, books or events, 
of a healing approach or system, 
or a holistic spiritual or personal growth experience 
or a world-changing message...

or all of the above!

Whatever you are doing, 
it is innovative, creative and  a unique expression of your essence. 
It may be an alternative solution
or an innovative approach
or you are fusing different fields or perspectives. 
You are already doing it! 
You are giving it form. You are embodying it. ~
It is already  "out there"  ~making a difference 
to those who need your wisdom, expertise or gifts.


It's not easy presenting something new... 
something that may be against the existing trends. 
When you seek help to market your stuff, 
the formulas out there are not in alignment with your soul, 
your Sacred Feminine or your unique genius.

You don't fit the proverbial box 
and the struggle to communicate,
 to adapt formulas to your values... 
it takes a toll, exacerbating old limiting narratives, fears and doubts.
Fears of being rejected, of being attacked, of not belonging, 
of simultaneously being "too much" and "not enough." 

These external and internal obstacles overwhelm you. 
They generate stress and eventually fatigue. 
Sometimes you lose motivation. 
At other times you are tempted to conform.

And in-between, you feel stuck and misaligned 
You dread approaching the very things that you love to do
and often catch yourself
hiding in plain sight.  

Something is holding you back!

 You've tried everything!

  • You've taken business courses, but that does not address the doubts and fears. Instead it exacerbates them. And you are still not getting tools that respond to your innovation and uniqueness.
  • You've tried expensive programs, just to discover that their advise is formulaic, and the formula has a specialization mindset, not  a holistic one. It goes against the grain of who you are and what you are doing!
  • You've taken marketing classes and to be honest, it really disgusts you. The aggressiveness and manipulation are more of the same patriarchal mindset you are trying to transform. The pushing, the pressure, the number game. It stresses you out... and still the issues are not resolved.
  •  You've studied what's out there... but there are only a handful of women doing something innovative, something that breaks the patriarchal, authoritarian, manipulative and formulaic approaches.. and few are teaching it.
  • And still, the fears and doubts, the limitations and the "Sticky problems" remain. You need more than business or marketing know-how. You need a holistic journey to integrate your genius and communicate it authentically!
  • And you want change from the inside, that is embodied and honors your uniqueness and personal herstory. 
  • And your therapist is great for talking, but you need to change this now... not in five years!

 What can you do in order to get what you want?

What can you do to...

  • To develop deep genuine confidence that you can feel in your bones... not just "fake it 'till you make it."
  • To discover what is pulling you back when you need to leap forward; so you can release it.
  • To set yourself free from limiting narratives, beliefs and fears that shame you if you shine bright and invalidate your Sacred Feminine gifts and wisdom.
  • To integrate your different gifts, talents, expertise, life experiences, passions and causes in a holistic design and communicate its relevance to your prospects, audiences or Tribe without cutting pieces of yourself or fragmenting your wholesome approach.
  • To be able to stand firmly and authentically in your self-authority, feminine leadership and value, without any wishi-washi responses when you are challenged, or doubts that lead to breaking your own boundaries, lowering your prices or holding back from larger scenarios.
  • To discover who you are as a Goddess, to finally take that Goddess whispering in your heart out of the suitcase under the bed, where you keep your dreams and secret self... and allow her to sing, dance, speak out loud, to express her Goddess language so that you feel authentic, empowered and aligned... and attract clients who resonate with your unique genius.
  • To be able to discard marketing formulas that repel you and instead to engage in a way of connecting to your Tribe that makes it fun, authentic and feels like a celebration!
  • YES! You want your joy back. You want the magic of your gifts to shine! You want to own your mojo!
  • And you want to release all those inner voices that keep pestering you, judging you, shaming you and making you doubt that this is possible. You want to stop the inner wars and declare peace within, so that you are congruent, coherent and in harmony.
  • Not to mention the dream of working with ease and grace, without so much number crushing and brainstorming. Why should you create a storm in your brain just to share who you are and fulfill your soul's purpose? You truly want to expunge the words "Struggle" "Number Crunch" and "Deadline" from your vocabulary and your life!!
  • You want your work to be a flow, like your creativity, like your genius, like when you are in The Zone
  • You want to grow, expand and become known to the world without betraying your values, your authenticity or your grace.
  • Is that too much to ask?):

It's completely doable.... take out the Jewels!

All of those things are completely doable. To tell you the truth, as I was writing that wishlist I was amazed that there was a time when all of this seemed so difficult because I could not find a single business resource that aligned with my genius. I was going through programs, memberships and coaching like wildfire. Picking one thing here and another there. Trying to  align the things that made sense with my values and feminine perspective. It was stressful and made me want to skip marketing altogether.

And I am happy to notice that now the items in this list are no longer dreams, but the way I work and feel as I am sharing my gifts. Nine out of ten, I'm in the flow. I still have some glitches, but my edges are smoothing. JAJAJA! If you went through the Introductory Goddess Journey you could see the fun I was having. And yes, at some points I was exhausted because this whole concept landed at my feet only a month before launch! It was downloaded from the Cosmic Mind and it made me so happy I had not doubt this was the way, so I did it imperfectly but happily.

And the best thing is that all the way I was laughing and saying "Jajaja! This is marketing. This is launching." I gathered all my gifts, passions and talents and used them to create an amazing experience that I'm sure inspired, uplift and gave you value. Pinch me when I wake up! Whohoo!

So yes. It is doable. I did it in a month with a reasonable budget and no assistant --though I had technical help with computer and lighting. So I'm thinking you could do your own version of this.

However, there is one thing you need to change.

You need to change the channel!

You can no longer dial into channels that are not in tune with the Sacred Feminine way of knowing ~with the Heart Wisdom that harmonizes you with The Flow in the universe, with your Inner Knowing and with the Cosmic Mind.

You need to access the creative-intuitive wisdom of your heart, to trust it and to allow its guidance to be your compass.

And frankly, in this culture, we are trained to do the opposite. We do not trust our creativity or intuition. We seek that which sounds logical and follow those who sound like experts, even though they may be in opposition to our heart's wisdom and our own values and genius.

If you want a different result, then you need to use a different approach,
one that honors the feminine, listens to your uniqueness, engages your creativity
 and makes the creative-intuitive wisdom of the heart your compass.

In attuning to that channel, your Feminine Gifts come to the foreground
activating the integration, flow, deep knowing, creative passion and cosmic guidance
that empower you to be and express your Goddess' magnificence.

Are you willing to...

 Follow a creative-intuitive path?
Release the push and rush mentality and slow down?

Access your truth, answers and potential through a creative approach?

Let go momentarily of "HOW-TO tools from the Sacred Masculine logical approach
and spend this year gathering the Jewels of your creative-intuitive knowing?

You are seeking to express the treasures inside you.
A tool does not work here.
You need to dive deep within and reclaim the Jewels:
Your talents, creativity, intuition, heart-wisdom, feminine wisdom,
body wisdom, emotional alchemy, life lessons,
organic and presence gifts, and on and on.
Those are the gems that shine in you.

Are you willing to do your inquiry through:
Shamanic Enactment
Art journaling
Journal Writing
Conscious Living Practices
Shamanic insights and tools
Shift of perceptions
Shamanic tracking
Awakening your Goddess Self
and allowing
working in
 (co-creating with what is)
while developing
Sky Mind and communication with the Cosmic Mind.

Because if you want to free your Goddess,
to enter the flow and live in the Genius Zone...
Then it's not going to happen
by plying your brain with a logistical screwdriver! (WINK)

You need to dive deep 
using your emotional, somatic and intuitive wisdom
to find the core obstacles that interfere with your ability to

own and express your 

unique genius 
Goddess Brilliance!

Maria Mar in the Goddess Journey, dancing her Water Goddess. Environment by Maria Mar.
"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift 
and the rational mind is a faithful servant. 
We have created a society that honors the servant 
and has forgotten the gift."
Albert Einstein

If you want to be authentic
then you need to source your style, solutions and language
from the inside out.

If you want to honor the Sacred Feminine, 
then you need to use the feminine way and feminine wisdom

 to come up with the design you want for your genius and your life.

If you want to create an experience of flow,
then you need to come from a place of a fluid mind and an open heart

and a relationship with the chi field.

If you want to express your imagination 
and unique genius in ways that honors
the one-of-a-kind being that you are
and the extraordinary contribution you offer,
then you need to awaken the Jewels
of your creative-intuitive genius.

If you want to awaken your Goddess and find your Goddess Language,
then you need to reconstruct the Inner Architecture and the Inner Government inside you
that were installed with programs from the patriarchal, specialized and female-bypassing culture.

You cannot continue seeking methods, solutions and pathways
that ignore the very fibers of your weave.
Instead you need a path that honors what you value.

You want to set yourself free!

If this sounds good in your brain, bones and heart... then

Welcome to my World!

In case you don't know me yet...

I am Maria Mar, a PBS-TV featured artist, shaman and storyteller. I have worked with women in three continents to empower them to craft the life and work they long to do and that embodies their purpose and gives them delight.

I am the creatress of the Goddess Journey, Story Alchemy(tm), Artchemy(tm), BodySourcing(tm), The Mistressing Way(tm), Inner Dynamics(tm) and several other books and systems that empower creative women to shine bright and bold in their true colors.

I have been a pioneer all my life. From the 70s to the 90s I pioneered feminist theatre, poetry performance, spoken word, popular theatre movement, art for social justice and art for transformation.
I have about a dozen digital and printed books published in poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

As a shaman I use art as the tool for transformation and blend creative experiences with shamanic tools and insights to quicken and enliven transformation. I don't teach theory. I share tools for life.

As an artist I create art that serves for self-reflection, alchemy to transmute patterns and emotions, to deepen healing processes and for personal development.

As a storyteller, I do embodied stories and enactments in a "show, don't just tell" way and use story as a vehicle for transformation; as alchemy to free yourself of the past and create the story you want to live.

As a fempreneur, I have studied with many business coaches and learned many systems. Some of my teachers have been: Mark Silver, Ryan Eliason, Jeff Walker, Eleanore Strong, Jeff Goins, James Wedmore, Stu Mclauren and Danny Iny, among others.

I spent my first 20 years as an adult using art for transformation to empower women.

Then the next 10 years I was taken into my own in-depth healing and shamanic training and traveled to communicate with women in several countries, serving them to become their Goddess and serving their communities.

Next, I began to walk my talk with my own books and business, searching ways in which I could integrate all the knowledge, tools, systems and creativity I had gathered to create a global audience.

The Goddess Journey is the result of all those explorations. It merges creativity, art, shamanic insights and tools, the feminine way and my own expertise in creative transformation.

It includes my Goddess Tribe, the "playground" community Butterfly Waves and my in-depth full journey, "Take your Goddess Out of the Suitcase: Share your Creations with the World."

I offer you a space to explore your unique genius and the language of your Goddess. It is a place that fuses creativity, the feminine way, personal growth and transformation and the exploration of communicating and connecting to self, to those you serve and to the planet from an authentic, joyful place.

If you participated in the Introductory Goddess Journey, you know my style: embodied, feminine, creative, interactive and fun.

And that's why I can take you where you want to go.

Signing a copy of the anthology Breaking Ground where my poetry was featured.
In the township of Kailisha, Sourth Africa, during a shamanic presentation,
 with a sangoma (shaman) from the community.
  In "Temple of Desire" an AIDS prevention performance
 written, directed and performed by Maria Mar with Corazon Tierra (1997)

Sometimes we know what we want and what we do not want. But the destination is a mystery. Shamanic Journeys allow you to explore that mystery, to dive into the wisdom of the soul, to touch the fabric of your purpose and to grab the potential of that seed within you that urges you to blossom: your Goddess Self.

When I met Gabrielle I felt that she had the soul of an artist, the hands of a healer and the courage of a warrior; as well as the adventure spirit of a wanderer. These were her gifts as well as the gifts her Ancestors gave her. As we worked her Ancestors showed up to help her bloom in all her magnificence. Now all of her aspects are working together in her Unique Genius.

Today Gabrielle travels the world painting beautiful potent portrays of leaders, trendsetters, amazing women and the marginalized communities whose brave stories she shares. I am so proud of her blossoming and awed at the way our lives intertwined to bring her gifts into the world as it also deepened my own wisdom and tools.

I invite you to a similar journey. Let's explore the mysteries and magic inside you to set them free in the world so that you can make profound changes for the well-being of all.

How it Works

Please read the information below before registering.

How I take you there

I take you there in a holistic, creative and shamanic journey that honors the Sacred Feminine Way. This means that...

We will work through creative experiences.  My Unique Genius is transformation through creativity. These creative experiences include  storytelling and story-sharing, journaling, creative writing, arts and crafts and art journaling.

I work holistically with six of my signature systems:

  • Story Alchemy, a process that helps you spot limiting stories that interfere with your choices and intentions and then empowers you to re-write these old narratives into a live story of living your brilliance.  
  • Artchemy, art-as-alchemy, where you use mixed media art with emphasis on collage-making to make the invisible obstacles and interferences visible and tangible and then change them to nurture your dreams and choices.  
  • ChiDances, where we use intentional energy movement to reweave the energy patterns of limitations into the new energy patterns of you living your potential.
  • BodySourcing- a process to listen to the truth in your body, source from its wisdom and embody your choices and purpose.
  • Inner Dynamics: A system to help women meet their Inner Village and develop congruence, coherence and inner harmony while restructuring their Inner Architecture and Inner Government to support their feminine leadership, fulfillment and personal dreams.
  • The Mistressing Way- A feminine path to fulfillment.

 We will work within a shamanic context
Our tools will be intention, perception, emotion, creativity and energy in holistic interaction with the sacred and natural worlds.

While some shamans may adscribe to certain local or culturall religions, I am a modern, non-religious, eclectic shaman. I work outside dogma with practical tools for life. This said, I honor all religions. If you feel comfortable with me in the videos of the Goddess Journey, will work well together.

There will often be powerful shifts of perception that change the way you see the situation. This will change the way you respond to that situation, which will then change the entire environment around the issue.

Also instant emotional transformations often happen as we work.

This said, it is you doing the work. I expect you to take what I help you see and be the boss of doing your own transformation.

This is experiential learning
I will give you a series of shamanic insights, tools and processes. And I will assign a creative project that usually combines several activities: An Artchemy Project, a ChiDance to embody the lesson, living practices and journal writing  questions. This comes out on Monday of the first week.

You have two weeks to experiment, reflect and do the creative projects. We meet the third week in the Artchemy Atelier and the ChiDance Studio to support you with the projects. Then we meet the last week in a Life Laboratory for you to share what you created, get hands-on-help with what you are working on and get feedback.

~ Artchemy Atelier: Third Tuesdays at 3-5PM EST
~ ChiDance Studio: Third Thursday at 3-5PM EST
~ Life Laboratory: Fourth Wednesday 3-6PM EST

*Note; depending on the time zone of those registered, I may create one alternative time for any of these activities.

If you do not do the work, I will not be able to help you during the monthly lab, as we base the process in what you've done. So imperfect or unfinished work is better than perfect but not done. And so it is in life, isn't it?): I like to work with women who take full charge of their process and transformation while being open and receptive to my guidance and to give my tools a try.

Part of the Feminine Way is not to push or rush, but instead to slow down and enjoy.

That is why the journey is programmed for a year.

There are five courses or trails in the journey, plus the Bonus Preparation Trail and the Final Market Celebration that launches your Goddess into the world. (See the courses/Trails below in the Course Curriculum session. (The two last courses I will be developing with your input.)

Each trail encompasses  2-4 modules. You take the time you need. I suggest that you aim for 2 months per course, but you can take whatever time you need. It is important that you enjoy it, give yourself time to do the creative projects and deeply integrate the material to your psyche and then implement it, customizing it to your life.

You pay for 10 months because two months a year I am in vacation-writing retreat and you will be preparing your Goddess Presentation. These are the month of August and from mid-December to mid-January.

So there's a year of live support for you in this program. However, if the year goes by and for whatever reason you need more time, you simply take more time. You have live time access to the content in the edition of the program you purchased and 25% off future editions. If you want to keep engaging in the live events after the year, you get a 25% discount to do so. You will receive an alumni discount and early VIP Notices.


I am inviting you to a BETA 2 Edition

IMPORTANT: This year of 2023, I am offering a BETA 2 EDITION

When I create new programs or change them significantly I do 1-3 Beta editions so that I can co-create the best possible offer with the input of my Tribe. These editions are special in that I invite a small group of participants who are engaged in giving me feedback and helping me improve what I offer. In exchange for this contribution, they get a more personal and close relationship with me and a BIG discount.    

BETA 1 Edition: They help me with the content, how to articulate it online or what works best for them. They also spot glitches in the Zenler platform, how emails are flowing and other stuff. They give me feedback once a month at the end of the Life Laboratory. They give me honest video and written feedback. for each module. They get 50% off, as this is a lot of input. I had a Beta 1 Edition for my signature program in 2020-21.    

Beta 2 Edition: They will help me with the delivery of the content, structure of the course and other changes that I did based on the recommendations of Beta 1.
 > They will give me feedback once a month at the end of the Life Laboratory.
>  They will give me honest video and written feedback. for each module.
>  They will focus on having a great experience and things flowing smoothly.

And they will help me develop the last two courses with questions, explorations and feedback.

In exchange, they get:
>  Get Featured! When they create their Goddess Videos, I will invite some of them to be featured in the next Goddess Journey. It's not required, but it's an opportunity to step out as their Goddess Self.  
> They work in a very small group setting so they have more personal time in the live events. (This year for the first time I am trying several open registration cycles in the year, which means that you may be in a very small group for a while.)
>FB Live events where I answer their questions and help them apply the content to their lives. This is in addition to the Life Laboratory and done on as-need basis based on the questions or requests.

This is a serious commitment and it entails extra time and energy from your side. I want you to keep a kind but honest eye on the delivery, and experience of the program and to give me consistent feedback about each module. If you are happy to do this, you are welcome to register this year.

If you participate in the Beta 2 edition now, you get close to 28% discount. You only pay $575 monthly or $5500 for the year.

If you cannot do this co-creation with me, then you are welcome to register next year after the Beta 2 edition is over. The price then will be at the regular price of $797.  If you signed up for the Introductory Goddess Journey, then you will receive an early VIP Notice for next year.

Working with Maria Mar

How am I different?
If you did the Introductory Goddess Journey and attended the live event and connected with me using the interactive tools, then you may want to skip this section.

I live life as a work-of art-in-progress and a laboratory of transformation, manifestation and liberation. And I love to share this magical adventure!  

As a spiritual teacher I prefer to follow delight into the light instead of seeking transcendence. I believe in playfulness, enjoyment, the awakening of our Feminine Gifts and the embodiment of our gifts and potential.  

As a shaman, I cultivate practical spiritual tools that you can use in your every day life.  

As an artist, I use all expressions of creativity as alchemy to empower you in unfolding your potential and expressing The Divine pulsating in your soul.  

I am fierce, fun and fabulous! JAJAJA!  

To be or not to be... what I am and am not in terms of this service.

 I am not a life coach, so I am not coaching you here.   
I am not a business coach, either. This is not a business or marketing program. However, you will be able to apply your transformation to bring your Goddess Self, your unique genius and your WOW! into your marketing and other aspects of your business or contribution.

I am a shaman and transformation artist, I guide you through: shamanic insights and  teachings, shamanic journeys, ceremony, conversation and interactive, hands-on laboratory, creativity, Emotional Alchemy to channel and transmute emotions creatively and Energy Alchemy to change the energy patterns. 

We are working with deep, source-transformation in your energy patterns, emotions, beliefs and identity.

Important: I am not a therapist or  psychologist. 
I  will not use psychoanalysis or diagnosis. If you are under psychiatric treatment, severe depression or other mental imbalances, grieving deeply or still working on a severe trauma this will not work for you. 

How does it feel to work with me?

I love to laugh and not take life too seriously. We laugh with each other, never at each other. I am kind and honor the human dignity of others. And I don't take things personally, so you can be honest with me. 

On the other hand, I want you to become the creatress of the life you want and deserve. I want you to step into feminine leadership so that you can help balance humanity, which needs to heal the Widowed Patriarch --that archetypal lonely alpha male, in order to bring the feminine wisdom into our human psyche so that we may finally live in harmony with self, others and the planet... and that's pretty serious, wouldn't you say? (Wink.)

We use certain systems and practices to promote an energy frequency in the environment, individuals and group. One of them is the K.I.S.S. feedback system (Kindness, Inspiration, Specificity and Sincerity.)

For shamans, reality has many dimensions and what is normal is pretty relative.): Once in a while I may channel a Power Animal or Spirit Guide. It's not a daily happening, but it happens and it's completely natural, like quoting someone. Then we go on as usual. If you don't freak out when hearing this, we are OK. Jajaja!

I work in ceremony to create a sacred space that is protected, supported and illuminated by all our Spiritual Guides and to connect us to Cosmic Mind. If you are comfortable with this, then we will work well. I am not a religious shaman. I am non-denominational and eclectic, but honor all religious practices.

I believe in delight, joy, gratitude, appreciation, collaboration, exploration and play, play,play!

If you have any question, feel free to contact me at shamansdancepublishing(at) and I will answer them.

My Values

I have been an activist in the causes of: 
•Diversity and democracy
•Social Justice,  
•Women’s Empowerment 
•Prevention of Violence against women and children  
•Art for the prevention of social issues and popular education 
•Feminine Leadership 

I have been an activist for more than 40 years and I love to make a profound difference in the world working in a loving, creative and personal environment with women. If this resonates, we speak the same language. 

Self-assessment: Are you at the place where you can get the best results in this journey?

Personal Growth

To get the best results from this journey, you need to have a personal growth experience that I would describe from mid-range to advance.

Take your own pulse to see if you are at the point you can benefit from the best results. You need to:

  •  Have healed severe traumas, so that you are not triggered and sent into an episode. I am not a therapist and cannot help you with that.
  • Have outgrown resistance to guidance and feedback, defensiveness, authority issues and blaming habits. Some resistance is simply human, but if you resist all guidance, you will be wasting this opportunity.
  • Be able to call upon Beginner's Mind when faced with new concepts, shamanic insights or guidance. And at the same time, to take full responsibility and authority over your journey. 
  • Be familiar with your Inner Selves; at least to know your Inner Child a bit and recognize some of your Shadows (Gremlins). 
  • Take responsibility for your steps in any interaction and to recognize when you are projecting your stuff onto others. I create a sacred environment that requires kindness and respect in our interactions. That demands that each of us takes responsibility of our Shadows and not throw our garbage onto others.
  • Be able to receive guidance and feedback in a positive way and assume self-authority to implement the guidance. We have a K.I.S.S. feedback policy (kindness, inspiration, specificity and sincerity) but if you are too sensitive and take things personally, you will not be able to integrate feedback for growth and it will become stressful for you.
  • Collaborate in a diverse group with kindness, respect and engagement. When people of diverse backgrounds meet, harmony is achieved through openness, non-blaming and respect of human dignity for all.
  • Relax, have fun, enjoy yourself and engage your creativity.
  • You need to engage in creative exploration through art work, movement and other creative experiences. If you are going to skip this, do not bother to join as you will waste your money and everyone's time.
  • You need to be willing and able to do videos. They don't have to be a professional production. Selfies are OK. The "graduation" for each course is you as the Goddess of fire, water, air and earth. You will work in that incarnation and then present it in a video. You will also need to use video and other media to do become Market Woman and do your Original Campaign, where you launch yourself applying all that you have learned and become.
  • Finally, you need to DO the work, both the creative way and the implementation tasks. You are responsible for practing in your life and applying the tools and sharing the results in the laboratory. When I call for anyone who needs support I will ask you what you have done so far, and if you have done nothing, I won't be able to help you. My support hinges on your practice.

 Creative Work

You need to be OK both with the creative work and the shamanic approach. If you have issues with doing collage, journal writing, movement or doing videos, this will be too stressful for you and I will not be able to support you because getting you to overcome those issues is not part of the support.

 Business Foundation

At the business level, you need to have a business foundation or a running service or event.

You need to know who your clients are even if it's not final (is it ever?) and you need to be already serving some clients, audiences or communities.

If you are not set up officially as a business, that is fine as long as you know who your niche or audience is and are active offering a service or offer to them.

It will be difficult for you to do some of the Goddess come-out tasks if you do not know your audience, do not know anything about marketing or have nothing to offer at this point.This said, you can offer a freebie or event, so you don't have to have products yet.  

A basic knowledge that allows you to give these tasks a try is necessary to relax into the journey.

 You are "out there" already

You need to have at least a basic experience serving your audience in the past. Confidence is not made-up. You need to have previous experience in doing what you offer and know that it worked --even if it was not uniformly perfect! We will work with the emotions, doubts, beliefs and other interfering factors to empower you to stand in your value and self-authority.

In the present, you need to have some body of work out there ~whether a book, event, program, course, exhibition, a
membership or solution. As I said above, it could be some free stuff you are offering.

You need to be interacting with your Tribe so that you can track down, discover the sources of interferences and come back to the lab to work on it.  

This is not work that you can do in isolation. The external challenges out there are Sacred Mirrors to the hidden narratives and beliefs inside you that are interfering with your brilliance.

We work inwardly and track and test externally. We work in two tracks.

If this feels good and you are comfortable with these responses, then you are good to go!

Do you Qualify?

First and foremost, there is no judgment here. This is neither a statement of your worth as a person or professional neither a disqualification to participate.

Instead, I am offering you criteria that allows you to see if you are at a point in your business or project that you can get the best results from your investment both of time and money in this program.

If you do not meet this criteria, you may want to wait until you do, so that you can really blossom with the support you will receive here. In fact, you can use these criteria as a goal and come back later.  

This said, I want you to examine your perception and perhaps ask a friend, because women tend to disqualify themselves from opportunities, judging ourselves too harshly and allowing perfectionism to steal our qualifications. If you have doubts, email me.

If most of this resonates with you as something you’ve grasped experientially, then you are in the best place to have this journey empower you for a quantum leap in your life that will seem miraculous.

You are a short distance away from embodying your Goddess Self, integrating your genius and developing the authentic confidence to shine bold and bright. And we are going to have lots of fun while you do it!

Will this work for what you do?

If you are in my tribe then chances are that you and I do similar work. You do one or more of the things that I do in my service:  
•Creatives (authors of fiction and non-fiction, poets, performers, storytellers and artists)
•A holistic healer, energy worker, or well-being expert
•Spiritual and personal growth teacher  
•Embodiment guide, such as Yoga teacher or Somatic Movement Educator,
•Guide for Feminine Leadership, and  
•Shaman or transformation catalyst.
Teacher or coach.

You may also be fusing one field with another to create a unique approach.

For example,
•Gabrielle Le Reux (South Africa) mixed painting with activism towards women's image and marginilized groups.
• Corazon Tierra mixed movement, education and poetry to create experiences that promote socio-emotional learning.
•Deborah Brodey fuses sound healing, yoga and transformation  with self-care, creating the Radical Self Nourishment Program.

You don’t have to fall into these brackets. The list just gives you an idea on the kind of offers and fields this works best for based on my experience. It may be that it works for other field, but I have not yet work with others.

If you don’t see what you are doing in this list, trust yourself and imagine creating an experience equivalent to my Introductory Goddess Journey.

Do you get a happy skip in your heart? Do you feel that there’s a thread of energy and idea moving towards you? Then you got your answer. You are already intuiting your own version.

Working with me will allow you to grasp that thread and weave your Goddess Self and Goddess Language with it.

100% Guarantee: 30 day refund policy

We have a 30 day refund policy.

Try the journey for a month. This will take you through the preparation course, which is an amazing value in and of itself. You will be able to experience the videos, download the templates, art and other supplemental material and depending on subscription timing, go through at least one week of live support. That will let you know if you want to continue for the whole year. If you do not like it, unsubscribe directly (always send me an email so I can check that the system did unsubscribe you so that you don't get an automated next charge.). That's all. No hard feelings. 

You will get a 100% refund. 

So there is no risk... and yet, there is so much to gain!

"I was playing hide and seek with my brilliance. I would move forward and then pull back. Working with the Story Fields allowed me to discover and rewrite the fear-based perception that if I shone too bright I would outshine my siblings. Once I realized how this old story was pulling me back, I rewove it into an understanding that when I shine I am illuminating the Circle of Life and helping others activate their own radiance. ....
This program improved my capacity to serve and lead in four areas: Embodiment

After the program I am more fully in my power and show up more fully."

Deborah Brodey
 Sound healer, Ceremonialist, Transformation Guide and Yoga Teacher 

Course Summary

For creative, innovative, women who want to share their unique genius, multiple talents and groundbreaking approaches brightly, powerfully, authentically and unapologetically.

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Journey Curriculum

Courses Included

"The most essential, life-changing power we need is the ownership of who we are, of our organic gifts, talents and strengths and the deep feeling of the value of our essence and presence in this world. When we know our value and feel our gifts then we can apply that authority to anything we want. We can learn new things smoothly and become masters in our field. That is what working with Maria Mar gave me. I have taken that confidence and personal power and generated visibility, authority, prestige and income beyond what I could have imagined and what other artist-teachers in my field are making. I see myself as my own boss and can initiate strategies to share my gifts with the world, expand my impact and claim my place as a leader. And this is priceless."

 Corazon Tierra
Dancer, poet  and writer, Teaching Artist & Somatic Movement Educator

"There is a deeper set of skills and strategies that you need to cultivate underneath the business tactics or strategies to be able to create truly great work and magnetize an audience in a way that is authentic, that your gifts come together with the needs of others to create real value... in a way that you are not just speaking, but communicating in a way that your voice is heard and your message is received."

 Jean Houston and Claire Zammit
The Influencers Masterclass

Course Pricing

In-depth Transformation

 In-depth transformation to free your Goddess and shine bold and bright. This is a hybrid program merging online experiences with live events and support. You are not alone and I am here to guide, support and uplift you at every step.

Experiential * Interactive * Creative * Laboratory

Monthly 3-hour Life laboratory to rehearse, implement and get support
* 2-hour live monthly Artchemy Atelier session with Maria for your projects
* 2-hour live monthly ChiDance Studio sessions to practice energy movements 
*Seasonal Emergence Ceremony to uplift your frequency + share your progress.

Premium LIVE support by Maria Mar

This is my most hands-on program, fully interactive and experiential. You receive my intensive care and attention with 7 hours of live interaction a month in a small group setting. This depth of live guidance at this price point is incredible rare. But I like to work in intimate settings where I get to know each participant, so you can rip the benefits of my  loving care!

Designed for YOU!

This program is uniquely designed for creative, innovative and multi-dimensional women who have many talents, causes and passions that they weave together or who are fusing different fields.  It is for pioneers, innovators, change-makers, artists and feminine leaders bringing alternative solutions. To express that unique, innovative contribution, you need deeper sets of skills and strategies that go beyond and beneath business know-how.


BONUS 1! The Mistressing Way Course to reclaim the feminine way to learn, change and succeed. Validating the way you grow as a woman using your feminine gifts will be a boon in your nervous system and will open new perceptions of power, success and leadership that can change your life forever.

BONUS 2! Maria improptu FB Live Events to answer your questions and conversations. When I receive questions that I perceive as key in the journey or the same question repeatedly I announce an improvised FB Live Event in our Playground FB Group to answer the questions and have a conversation with you about the topic.

Two Communities

1. Premium"Goddesses" Community to connect to other participants, ask questions and share your creations, (Only for students).
2. Playground FB community Butterfly Waves to share your videos and projects, showcase your communication experiments and have a more dynamic, intimate conversation.

Five Life-changing Courses to Awaken your Goddess Self

INCLUDED: five full courses, one for each Goddess you are awakening:

1: Shine Without Shame: Release what Blocks your Radiance (Fire-Sun-Star Goddess)

2: Drink Deeply of your Gifts to Develop Bone-deep Confidence (Water Goddess)

3: Integrate your Genius to Communicate your Value (Air-Light-Sky Goddess)

4: Embrace the Law of Blossoming: Bloom Where you are Planted and Connect to your Tribe  (Earth Goddess)

5: Become The Creatress and Share your Goddess Story.

PLus your Goddess Come-out:
Market Celebration: Create your First Original Campaign

10 Monthly Payments


Monthly fees for 10 months only.
 28% off regular price.
USD incl VAT

  • 7 hours of small group LIVE interaction a month
  • maximum 20 participants 
  • Close to 28% discount for Beta 2
  • In-depth transformation that will unlock your Goddess Language.

1 Annual  Payment


Annual one-time payment.
 30% off regular price.
USD incl V

  • Same as the montly plan PLUS
  •  An additional $250 off.

100% Guarantee

We have a 30 day refund policy.
Try the journey for a month. If you do not like it, simply unsubscribe and email me, and you will get a 100% refund.   So there is no risk... and yet, there is so much to gain!

 It's confirmed, then. I am a genius...
And so are you!
Let's get your genius shining bold and bright
so that you make the change you came here to make.