Take your Goddess Out of the Suitcase!
Share your Creations with the World

Maria Mar takes her Fire-Star-Sun Goddess out for a walk in Central Park, New York. What would your Fire Goddess do for you if you allowed her magic to shine as you share your gifts?

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Enjoy a free Introductory Journey to discover how to...

  • Bring your unique genius into your service,
  • Become your Goddess Self and shine big, bold and bright,
  • Follow your soul's delight to make your offer and your communication glow and sizzle.
  • Distinguish yourself while you attract your best clients and audience, and
  • Activate your Creative Feminine Leadership...
  • All while enjoying your creativity!

You are a unique person. There has not been and will never be anyone like you. Your contribution, unique fusion of gifts and your approach are one-of-a-kind.
It takes a Goddess to deliver this magnificent gift.
Join me in a creative journey vibrating with beauty, art, magic and the heart wisdom that awakens your Goddess Self and allows you to shine big, bold and bright!

Do you feel that the way you are showing up does not truly communicate your unique genius? It's like showing up as a daisy when you are a rare Wild Orchid!  

Are you doing everything right in your marketing... but feeling out of alignment with your personality and your unique mojo? Yes, you are communicating the benefits and transformation for the client. But no, you are not communicating what is essential, fundamental and distinct in your approach! 

Are you attracting clients that don't get you, are not your best fit or worse... bore you to death! No, no, no! That is not allowed in the Goddess Zone!

Do you know in your bones that you are a Goddess.... but find yourself doubting, feeling fake  and pulling back when you shine too bright, step into your leadership or leap into your boldness... and then you feel like an impostor because you are not that lame, you are not that standard and you are much much braver than your branding lets out!

It takes a bit of performance sparkle, emotional alchemy and true magic to get your Goddess out of that old dusty suitcase under the bed. You know the one I'm talking about. The one where you keep your untried dreams, talents and desires.

But that's no problem, because I am a trained performer, an emotional alchemist and an art shaman. So we can do this together!

I can help you enjoy the experience of sharing your gifts with ease and authenticity, being your shiny, true self and communicating your unique genius joyfully and powerfully. 

You see, the method, how-tos and skills are the tools in your toolbox and your client needs those tools for sure.

But your creative-intuitive wisdom, your unique way of seeing the world, your magic mojo... those are the jewels! Without these gems, your offer is not only dulled-down; it's hiding the very experience your matching client is longing for!

Because their journey is not just a means to get results. It is a journey of transformation. And the jewels are the gems that make the journey of transformation an experience of beauty, soulfulness and delight. And that is the Sacred Feminine Way.

So who you are matters! 

Awaken your Goddess is a free Introductory Journey to a creative, magical and life-changing path to... 

Take your Goddess out of the Suitcase  
Share your Creations with the World

This is my Signature Program with the most you'll get of my live support and guidance. This is a seven-month program opened once a -year where you will cook a radiant expression of who you are as a Goddess living her brilliance and sharing her unique gifts in her own remarkable style. In this in-depth and in delight journey, you have access to:
  • Master Soul Group sessions to share what you've created in community.
  • Monthly Laboratory sessions to get help applying the transformational tools and practices to your life and work,
  • Two monthly Artchemy Atelier sessions to create your project with my guidance.  This includes transformational collages, art journaling, Goddess Reclaiming Project and more.
  • Two monthly ChiDance sessions to practice energy movements designed to help you release old patterns and raise your vibrational frequency .
  • Private Answers to your Questions 
  • And more.

This program is a 5-trail-journey, starting with:

  1. Trail 1: Awaken the Fire-Star-Sun Goddess to discover and release what holds you back from shining big, bold and bright and to find the language of your passion and connect with your Star Constellation. Graduate when you take your Fire-Star-Sun Goddess out of the suitcase!
  2. Trail 2: Awaken The Water Goddess to drink deeply of your own gifts and value until your confidence is bone-deep, to give yourself permission to deserve, have, be and enjoy success and to discover a path of ease and grace for you to communicate and connect through Empowered Vulnerability and Resonant Storytelling. Graduate when you take your Water Goddess out of the suitcase!
  3. Trail 3: Awaken The Air Goddess to integrate your genius and your unique fusion of approaches, skills and systems so that you can communicate your one-of-a-kind contribution with elegant simplicity. The Air Goddess will help you to heal and marry your Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in order to become the Sovereign of your Queendom. Graduate when you take your Air-Sky-Light Goddess out of the suitcase! and
  4. Trail 4: Awaken The Earth Goddess to ground everything in your connection with your Value-match Client and your Tribe and to embody it in your language, communications, presence and branding. Graduate when you take your Earth Goddess out of the suitcase!
  5. Trail 5: The Butterfly Goddess to bring it all together in a launch of your Goddess Self that puts the shine back in your communication with the world as you share your gifts.

So sign up now for the free Awaken your Goddess Introductory Journey and you also get 4 yummy bonuses.

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Awaken your Goddess 
 Free Introductory Live journey 
 November 17th, 2022

While you wait, you get:

  • Access to the monthly videos where I take my own Goddesses out for a walk in New York!
  • Priority seat in my signature program if you register when you receive VIP Early Notice.
  • An Introductory Live Journey (online webinar format) and
  • Access to my  Butterfly Waves  community for creative women to start getting inspired immediately.


Awaken your Goddess
Access to the monthly videos where I take my own Goddesses out for a walk in New York!

Watch me as I walk my talk and take my Goddesses out for a walk in New York. You'll get 1-3 golden nuggets in each video so that you can experience the power of awakening your Goddess to share your creations with the world and shine big, bold and bright!


VIP Notices and Priority Seating 

You receive several VIP Notices for early registration during the Early Bird Registration period. If you register then, you have  automatic Priority Seating for my Signature Program, "Take your Goddess Out of the Suitcase"~before I accept anyone else.

Don't miss it! Registration to the program opens only once a year.

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Introductory Journey (Live Webinar)
Experience the creative, magical process of a shamanic journey with Maria Mar in a webinar format.

~ Discover what Goddess you need to reclaim first to shine big, bold and bright!

~ Track down the story that keep your Goddess inside the suitcase.   

~ Enjoy a simple ChiDance(tmto get from under the crush of self-judgment and to unclip your creative wings. 

Experience the creative magic of my trademark shamanic tools for joyful, playful radical transformation.

"Discover the faces of your Fire Goddess. In my New York Fire Goddess walk, I share the five faces of my Fire-Star-Sun Goddess.

Star Essence: She shines my Essence with ease and grace, bringing my authentic grace and soul into everything I do and share. She holds my Star Ancestry and helps me shine bright!

Forger Fire: She helps me to give shape and body to my dreams, talents and gifts confidently and consistently.

Healer Fire: She empowers me to heal myself and help others heal themselves through direct conscious connection to the Chi Field.

Warrioress Fire: She focuses my intention and attention on my priority and flies in a direct line to seize her prey!

Ecstatic Service: She is sassy, has a great humor and a contagious laughter. She is my passion, my sassiness and my boldness. She eats fire for launch! JAJAJA!

What are the faces of your Goddesses and how do they empower you to become your brightest self and shine big, bold and bright?

Find out in my monthly Awaken your Goddess videos and in the free Awaken your Goddess Introductory Journey.

Maria Mar


Immediate Access to my Community for Butterfly Women 

Immediate Access to my free community for Butterfly Women. Join a community of women who want to express their bright, bold, beautiful true colors, to shine without shame and to share their gifts and talents to make a difference in the world. Butterfly Waves is where we meet at a private FB group to support, inspire and ignite each other in our blossoming to our full potential. When you sign into the Waiting List now, you will see a link in the landing page to join the group immediately.

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