Story Journey: The Healing Tears

She did not want to cry. She felt too vulnerable. Then she discovered the healing power of tears! How to transmute loss into love. (MID-LEVEL) 5WK-5MO

Course Summary

Story Journey: The Healing Tears

The Story

Seated under an elm, she struggled not to cry. But the pain of his abandonment was too overwhelming. She finally allowed the tears to fall. It was then that she heard the tiny voice, barely a whisper. She followed the sound and found no one. Only a leaf. But the leaf began to talk. “Finally! at last you allow your tears to fall! I’d thought you’d die with the poison inside." Story plus Welcome Kit, a 4-week journey and ceremony with several Story Alchemies that take you through the process of transmuting loss into love. Several Artchemy projects, poetry journey and more. Direct access via any device. read online. Lifetime Access.

The Story Alchemy

Whether you heart has been broken by separation, betrayal, the rejection of a loved one or the death of someone you loved, there is immense power inside that crack in your heart: the power to achieve a higher frequency of love, to love deeper, with more power and more freedom. This story journey takes you through this transformation.

The Story is decoded in several Story Alchemies, which are transformational experiences using art and creativity as the medium. Each module takes you through one such Story Alchemy.

These Story Alchemies allow you to shift your response from fighting pain, holding back tears (or being overwhelmed by them) and struggling with a broken heart to following the pain to find the source of your power and transmute your loss into love. 

The Story Alchemy in each module includes shamanic insights and tools, journal writing questions and an Artchemy(tm) Project (art as alchemy). An Artchemy can be creative writing, dance/movement, arts and crafts, using your voice and other creative activities. An Artchemy serves as a creative ceremony that allows you to deepen and quicken the transformation in that module.

In other words, you will take the shamanic wisdom in each module into your psyche through journal writing and then into your life, practice and actions through a creative ceremony.

There is a liberation once you realize that ~even if you still hurt~ love and The Divine are present at this moment and it is unfolding in divine perfection towards your highest potential. There is power in returning to yourself and becoming whole, becoming stronger and becoming more through this experience. That is the transformation in this Story Journey.

Includes the Flash Story plus Welcome Kit, a 4-week ceremony with several Story Alchemies that take you through the process of transmuting loss into love. Several Artchemy projects, poems, prayer, Artspiration cards, poetry journey and more.

The Poetry Journey

The Alchemy of Vulnerability

In this illustrated poetry journey Maria takes you through a potent transformation of your perception of tears and vulnerability. This poetry journey introduces you to the Alchemy of Vulnerability, the process by which you feel your loss to grow your love. Moving, tender, insightful and transformative this is an unforgettable experience. Includes a ceremony. (PDF format)

Artchemy Projects

Using drawing, painting, collage and tableau mixed media, you will go through ceremonial arts & crafts activities that create these alchemies:

  • Shifting from the Second-hand Heart to your Sacred Heart (from the heart that bleeds to the heart that heals)
  • Reclaiming your heart as home
  • Heart Retrieval
  • and more

The Benefits

This Story Journey allows you to understand the healing power of tears, the function of pain and how to awaken to your own self-healing power. It guides you step-by-step through the alchemy of transmuting loss into love through ceremony, Artchemy projects, poetry and shamanic tools and insights.

Here’s what you will experience::
  • Discover the two types of grief, one that heals you and one that traps you.
  • Awaken your power to heal your pain
  • Create the alchemy that transmutes loss into love; love for yourself and a higher frequency of love for others, a love that does not hold prisoners.
  • Find your Second-hand Heart that has been broken or stolen and go deeper to find your Sacred Heart, which is whole and wise.
  • Understand how to tap into the wisdom and power of your Sacred Heart to heal your Broken Heart
  • Experience the Alchemy of Vulnerability
  • Through Journal writing questions, you will explore your grieving and healing process right now.
  • Guidance to engage in a Conscious Living Practice: Five Steps to Transmute Loss into Love


Creative Activities:

  • Journal Writing
  • Ceremony (several)
  • Artchemy Projects  (several)
  • Conscious Living Practice


1. Welcome Kit to the Story Lovers Club

2. Session 1: The Story The Healing Tears and Set up
Creating Sacred Space
Heart Coherence Breathing Technique
ARTspiration: THe Healing Tears
Set up and Practice instructions

3. Session 2: Introduction: Insights into the Broken Heart
Artchemy: Shift from the Second-hand Heart to the Sacred Heart
Poem: Awakening (plus ceremony)
Prayer: Awakening

4. Session 3: Story Alchemy 1: Reclaim your Home Heart
Artchemy Project: Reclaim your Home Heart
Ritual: Heart Retrieval

5. Session 4: Story Alchemy 2: Two Types of Grief and How to Heal through Grief
Ceremony: Break through congealed pain
Poetry Journey: The Alchemy of Vulnerability (plus ceremony)

6. Session 5: Story Alchemy 2: Transmute Loss into Love
Conscious Living Practice: Five Steps to transmute loss into love
Poem: Follow the pain

7. Closure Message: This Pain will End

8. Resources
Shamanic Glossary
Private Support for you
Books, links, tools and more
Community and Q&A

Access: Lifetime Access to this Story Journey

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Course Curriculum

Maria Mar

Are you struggling with putting your gifts “out there”? Then Maria is your guide to breaking free from the fears and limitations that steal your gifts from the world. Maria Mar is a storyteller, author, poet, performer, artist and shaman with more than 40 years of experience in transformation through the arts. She has helped creative women in three continents to embody their purpose, unfold their potential, share their gifts and awaken their creative genius. She is a scout for you during change and challenges and helps you go from where you are to where you want to be. Maria invites you to play for your transformation in a magical process that employs creativity to design the life you want. Maria specially loves to work with multi-talented women who are ready to be change-makers but struggle to integrate all their gifts to serve the world. Her shamanic stories are journeys of transformation, manifestation and liberation that lead to potent, immediate and deep changes in your real life.

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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