Self-love Mandala Artchemy

Artchemy Workshop with ceremony and journey to nurture the Sacred Feminine within

Mandala: Activating the Universe Within You

The Mandala is the whole universe. You are the tiny dot at the center of the Mandala. And you are the whole Mandala because just as you are in the universe, the universe is within you. 

When you create a Mandala within Sacred Space, activating your breath, attention, intention and body wisdom; then you become the Mandala and it becomes you. It allows you  to express your Essence as it is expressed in your Presence and you can see and feel your impact and influence in the world. 

The Mandala is like a messenger bird that you launch into the Chi Field to activate your intention. 
It is a Sacred Mirror where you see your magnificence.

I invite you to join me in the Artchemy Atelier for a special 3-hour workshop to enter Sacred Space where you create your own beautiful Self-love Mandala, practice the ChiDances that will launch it into the universe, and follow me in a ceremonial poem to shift your energy frequency and dedicate your mandala to Mary Magdalene so that she blesses it with Sacred Feminine energy to keep nurturing your Goddess Self and your gifts throughout the year.

In this Artchemy (Art as Alchemy) workshop you will create a Mandala that embodies your self-love and honors your Essence and Presence. Allowing space for delight, enjoyment and intuitive creation activates your Sacred Feminine and nourishes your soul, and you are taken into a place of beauty that is healing and transformative. In this place you drink deeply of your own grace, imprinting your self-value and uniqueness deep within your consciousness.

Mary Magdalene is one of the teacher avatars in the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom that has claimed me as an art-shaman to share the wisdom of the heart and the power of the Alchemical Rose --the presence of the Goddess in our heart. As spiritual avatar, she is beyond religions, dogmas or cultural practices. If you can feel her love and wisdom, then she will guide you from within your own personal cosmology through creativity, images, heart-based wisdom and intuitive knowledge.

For me, Mary Magdalene is an alchemist who walked the ancient Goddess path and inherited knowledge from magical traditions. In my iconography, she was Christ's soulmate. But whether you are Christian, Buddhist, or follow other religious practices --or like me-- you practice your own brand of spirituality, Magdalene will guide you in the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine and the alchemical power of the heart.

What does she ask from you in exchange? The offerings that Magdalene wants from us are not flowers or gifts. What she asks is our self-love, our loving creations and the practice of sharing our gifts with others.

Offering a Self-love Mandala for Mary Magdalene to bless is a ceremony that allows us to charge our Self-love Mandala with the sacred energy of an ancestral feminine lineage that gathers female avatars: from saints, creatresses and wise women of all cultures to ancient goddesses.

Three-part Journey

This is a three-part journey:
1. An Artchemy Atelier special 3-hour workshop and ceremony to do our mandala in  a like-hearted group of women, guided by me. The Artchemy Atelier is usually on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 2-4PM EST.  

The next Self-love Mandala special 3-hour workshop is on Tuesday, September 13th at 2PM EST until 5PM EST.

In the first two hours we will create Sacred Space, and you will develop your Self-love Declaration and create the Self-love Mandala. 

2. The closure ceremony is the last part of the workshop, where I read the ceremonial poem "The Banquet of Delight" while you do several ChiDances to shift the patterns that keep you from sharing your gifts with the world and to uplift your frequencies to awaken your Goddess Creatress.

3. Follow-up ceremony and sacred journey. This takes place after the workshop. It is your private journey to let Mary Magdalene nourish and guide you. It takes place in your home (and in your private life). You anchor this journey in an altar where your Self-love Mandala is blessed by Mary Magdalene (through my art, included) so that she can help you access your Goddess Self and explore your personal cosmology towards your fulfillment and the sharing of your gifts.

Your Sacred Journey with Mary Magdalene

Now your beautiful magical journey has just begun!

You have all you need to sustain your own private connection to Mary Magdalane through my art and the iconography map.

Once you print this art, include it in your altar or do a temporary altar where you place the Mary Magdalene art and your Mandala. Set out time to meditate on the symbols in the art while you do journaling or art journaling. I will give you a PDF with all the iconography in this art that you will use as your map for that journey. (This art piece can also be used as an oracle. I will explain the use in the PDF.)

The iconography in this art work will take you into a sacred journey that will help you to :

  1. Deepen your self-love and self-value, drinking deeply of your own grace.
  2. Discover, validate and nurture your Sacred Feminine Gifts.
  3. Learn the mysteries of your heart with Mary Magdalene.
  4. Connect to the Elemental Powers of this world and feel them inside you.
  5. Strengthen your creative-intuitive capacity to see beyond the visible and understand beyond the rational. 
  6. Learn to track down and recognize the signs, events and Creation Partners around you that are helping you to co-create the unfolding of your Feminine Gifts so that you can share them with others to embody your purpose and lead with your beauty. 
  7. Begin to free your identity from the attachments that keep you from your Goddess Self frequency 
  8. Activate beauty and joy as paths to success. 
  9. Let go of what is dying and rise like the Phoenix from those ashes with a higher frequency that allows you to become your Goddess Self.
  10. Set aside time for self-care and to rise in beauty, creativity and love through your relationship with Mary Magdalene and the long and rich feminine lineage she embodies. 

This follow up ceremony and sacred journey is up to you and you can take the time you need.
You can spend a month or a year, whatever feels good to you.
I leave you with the tools and inspiration you need to enjoy this journey, imbuing it with your creativity and enjoying its beauty for months after the workshop.... perhaps for the years to come as the wisdom in the iconography activates your own wisdom.

Premium Follow-up Plan: Get my Private Support in your Journey

If you are working on something challenging or going through a transition or want to awaken your Sacred Feminine and Goddess Self and you want my personal support, you can choose the Premium version of this workshop, where I give you asynchronous guidance and support after the event.

This is a new way I'm exploring to give my clients personal support during or after an event or program at an affordable price. Because the support is asynchronous, I can weave it into my time, making it more flexible for me. Because it is private, customized to you and transmitted through our voices in a conversation, it is powerful, personal and imbued with my presence. It can also respond to your immediate needs.

How this works is simple: 

  • I'll give you my contact information. 
  • You have 2 calls per week that you can use to post your questions. I will answer them within 48 hours. 
  • When you speak your question, you can do it at your own time and gather issues you want to address. 
  • When I answer, I give you my best focused answer for you to take action and make inspired decisions. 
  • That's a total of 8 calls per month. 
  • If you need to share longer information or context or to share a journal entry, you can send it via email. 
  • Whether your journey takes one month or one year, I will stay with you in this conversation until your journey comes to an end. 
  • Cancel any time.

Worshop Summary

In this special 3-hour Artchemy Atelier session, you will create a self-love mandala using a recyclable paper plate, then using my digital art to Mary Magdalene (included), you will offer this self-love to this Sacred Feminine avatar to be blessed so that you can blossom into your Sacred Feminine Gifts and share them with the world.

3-hours online workshop in the Artchemy Atelier (via Zoom) to do the mandala,
My digital Mary Magdalene art (download) and permission to print for personal use only,
PDF with iconography for you to use the symbols in your journey through journaling, art journaling and other creations.
Ceremonial ChiDance,
Ceremonial poem (sacred performance) guiding you to get the mandala blessed by Mary Magdalene.
Poem text
Audio of the poem in my voice for your private journey
Video replay of session
Plus some sweet Bonuses (See contents below)

Includes all the above, plus...
Follow-up Asynchronous Live Support via 8 monthly calls to post your questions and get my answers. Cancel any time.

 Maria Mar

Celebrating the local event in NY this summer

The Story Behind this Journey 

Almost every year for many years, I've collaborated with my friend Tanya Torres, an artist who is also an emissary of Mary Magdalene and her Sacred Feminine heart-based wisdom. It is a delight to participate in her production of the Mary Magdalene Feast where artists come together in a sacred act of beauty to nourish the soul of the community.

But then COVID stroke.  And for several years, Tanya's annual event could not take place.

The summer of 2022, Tanya felt called to start again and I was delighted to participate.  

I was inspired to help participants create a Self-love Mandala. I placed 8 seats around the table for the workshop but suddenly more and more people kept coming and chairs kept being added until there was actually a circle of chairs around the table. I thought "we are the mandala!"  

Women loved to do this Self-love Mandala and soon were deeply engrossed in the creation. As the workshop time ended and the ceremonial performance began, one of the women asked me if she could stay on the table and help the kids in the audience do their mandalas.  

I was elated. I felt the power of community co-creation at its best.  

And then the ceremonial performance began. Corazon Tierra danced the spirit of Magdalene onto stage and invoked the sacred embrace of the four elements to help us with our dedication.  

Then I guided the audience in a transformational ceremony through my poem "The Banquet of Delight." 

Soon the audience was doing the ChiDance as I spoke. They were doing subtle movements that shifted old patterns and helped them embody new frequencies to step into their gifts and share them with others.  

It was beautiful to watch so many participants moving in harmony as one. They created a powerful wave of devotion flowing through space, uniting us and healing our isolation in the medicine of community.

Here I share some of what they shared with me later:

"Thank you for seeing who I truly am."  

"This was fun!"

 "I saw person after person come to the sound portal to be witnessed in their essence, and the line kept growing and I could see them feeling seen as they crossed the portal and you named their gifts. I felt that after the COVID isolation we were really hungry to be seen."  

"I have been struggling to share my gifts and create an offer, but I've been dragging my feet. When we moved in the ceremony, I felt a power moving me. It was a bit scary, but I felt that my whole body did a leap. You helped me step up and now I feel ready to go!"  

"It felt so sacred." 

Journey Content

Maria Mar

Are you struggling with putting your gifts “out there”? Then Maria is your guide to breaking free from the fears and limitations that steal your gifts from the world. Maria Mar is a storyteller, author, poet, performer, artist and shaman with more than 40 years of experience in transformation through the arts. She has helped creative women in three continents to embody their purpose, unfold their potential, share their gifts and awaken their creative genius. She is a scout for you during change and challenges and helps you go from where you are to where you want to be. Maria invites you to play for your transformation in a magical process that employs creativity to design the life you want. Maria specially loves to work with multi-talented women who are ready to be change-makers but struggle to integrate all their gifts to serve the world. Her shamanic stories are journeys of transformation, manifestation and liberation that lead to potent, immediate and deep changes in your real life.

Journey Pricing

  • Most popular
    Self-love Mandala Artchemy
  • $150 USD

    Artchemy Atelier full day Workshop, create your Self-love Mandala, ceremony, downloadable materials, replay and bonuses

    I'm in!
  • Help in naming your Essence and Presence for the Self-love Declaration.
  • full day Artchemy Atelier online workshop with artist-shaman Maria Mar
  • Create Sacred Space to awaken your personal cosmology as you do the mandala
  • Create the Self-love Mandala in recyclable paper plate (plate not included)
  • Mary Magdalene full color digital art-Downloadable, print for personal use
  • +Ceremony to dedicate your self-love mandala to Mary Magdalene for blessing
  • + ChiDance guidance to shift limiting patterns and rise your frequency.
  • "Banquet of Delight" ceremonial poem (text, video and audio).
  • + Replay of recorded workshop.
  • Some sweet Bonuses!
  • The Self-love Mandala with Follow Up Journey
  • $225 USD

    Get a map for your self-love journey. "Walk" your Self-love Mandala and consult The Magdalene to harmonize the flow of your life.

    Yes, Add the Follow Up!
  • The regular Self-love Mandala full day journey
  • PLUS
  • FollowUp session to use the Magdalene Iconography as map for your self-love
  • The Magdalene Iconography PDF
  • Requisite: You need to have taken the Self-love Mandala Workshop.
  • 25% on half-day journey. Regular price $100.
  • Limited to 7 participants at any time. Claim your place now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. We can all use a lid or compass and draw a circle. I will guide you step by easy step. This is for creative women, but not necessarily for artists. For me, a creative woman is one who follows her creative-intuitive heart wisdom and trusts it to guide her. So if this is you, then you will be able to do the Mandala. And what's better: you will enjoy it!

Because we have limiting seating, if you take a place then someone else may not receive it. For this reason I'm not accepting cancellations or giving refunds. However, if you have an emergency, I will give you priority seating at no extra cost in the next Self-love Mandala special workshop.

If you think about it, when her story began, Magdalene was not Christian, either!

My guidance is that she was a Wise Woman versed on ancient Feminine Wisdom and alchemical traditions. She simply recognized the importance of changing from a patriarchal dominance-based belief system to a love-based system and she supported Christ as her beloved soulmate.

That's my personal take on this, as I am a non-religious, non-denominational shaman.  When Mary Magdalene showed up in my life, she did not come with any Christian teachings, of which I am cognizant because I was raised as a Catholic. Instead, she came as part of a Mystery School that trained me as a shaman: the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom. She came to teach me and help me become a Magdalene Emissary of the Alchemical Power of the Heart and the importance of balancing the Sacred Masculine in our society with the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine.  

So when you work with Magdalene if you choose to do it after the event, you will be working to nurture your Sacred Feminine with her as an avatar that brings a long feminine lineage from ancient times and many cultures.

See if you can open yourself to this avatar without preconception to receive not a conversion or dogma but a path to explore the Sacred Feminine that can be incorporated in your belief systems in your own way.

I will give you permission to download and print the Mary Magdalene and the Alchemical Rose digital art for your personal use only.  

If you do not have a color printer, you can take it to a printing place and do one color copy for you and frame or laminate it.

This does NOT include permission to print and gift or sell copies or make other products from it.  

I am right now changing my online store, so I cannot offer you a place where to order a hard copy of the art. But that's coming!  

However, in the online workshop, you will be able to see my altar and offer your mandala to the Mary Magdalene in that altar, which she will receive.  

Then --for your follow up personal journey, you can use any art or visual of Mary Magdalene that you like.

If you want another art that feels sacred, I recommend the art of my friend Tanya Torres, hostess of the annual Mary Magdalene Feast. Let me know and I'll share the link to her store.  

Finally, I have been thinking of doing a black and white version of the art piece that can be used to color your own Magdalene. If you would love that, please let me know via email at shamansdancepublishing(at)

There's only one way to know. Try it.If it does not work, cancel it at any time.

If you need more, there are several options:  
1. You can add a guided journaling service. This is also good if you don't like sharing stuff via email. I will refer you to a high-level security online journaling site and you can share your stuff there with me... and keep it for yourself.  Just email me or comment in the thread under a section and I'll get back to you.

2. In Fall I open my signature program Take Your Goddess Out of the Suitcase: Share your Gifts with the World. This is a powerful 6 months journey to become your Goddess Self and communicate your gifts in a beautiful, magical and magnificent way that is one-of-a-kind yours. Email me if you are interested.  

Email me  at shamansdancepublishing(at)

3 hours is a lot when you are in your mind, talking or thinking.

But when you go down to your body to move, when you go into your heart to journey deep within and when you are doing a new art piece, PLUS a ceremony... well then that time is going to fly by really fast and you'll be glad you had those three hours to finish the process and feel complete,
blessed and ready to rise to your Goddess Self frequency.

Email me at shamansdancepublishing(at) and I will answer as soon as possible. But if you want to join, don't wait! 

There are limited seats. We want this to be a small group so we can finish the Mandala in the workshop.