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Flip- your Negatives into Positives

A playful, creative project to shift your negative habits and self-sabotaging doubts into positive perception and choices that support your success.

Creative Transformation Journey

Flip your negatives into positives with the flick of your wrist!

Why give away your power 
to negative habits from the past?
If you struggle with learned negative responses

 that pull you back when you want to move forwad, 
it time to  FLIP IT!
When you use this easy, fun process
you instantly align with your potential
with ease and grace.

This is a playful, creative project to shift those pesky negative voices that so often hold you back, make you doubt and sap your potential, stealing your confidence and opportunities.

The Flip It! Process(tm) activates your creativity to turn those negatives into positives so that you see the possibilities, allies and opportunities coming your way and can respond creatively.

The playful use of the WhatIf Wand facilitates a repatterning of those negative habits so that you can
align yourself with your goals, dreams and potential.

Release self-perceptions that make you feel that you do not deserve what you want. Belief that it can be true for you!

Use your Pre-registration Discount from July 13-15th.
Regular Registration from July 16th -July 26th.
Starts on Tuesday, July 27th.

If you are a mother or educator... 
The Flip It! Process(tm) is an amazing socio-emotional learning tool for the children and youth under your care.

Get them to play with a magic wand (a la Harry Potter) while they learn to shift their negatives into positives. Take the journey for yourself and adapt it for them. It works like... magic!

There is a special license for teachers, influencers and transformation agents who want to teach or use this process. This license includes special sessions and private communication with Maria Mar

Creativity is the most powerful tool for transformation because it transmutes fear into play, resistance into curiosity and negatives into keys to positives.

When you play, you engage your Inner Children and Developmental Selves who may be scare or even traumatized into playing, alleviating their fear and stress and activating their wonder and creativity.

Enjoyment minimizes the effort and energy used in change and renews the energy you use immediately, thus it eases and quickens your transformation.

Join artist-author-storyteller-shaman Maria Mar in a journey to flip your negatives into positives through a magical wand... the Flip Wand!

Join artist-author-storyteller-shaman Maria Mar in a journey to flip your negatives into positives through a magical wand... the Flip Wand! (aka the WhatIf Wand.)

With 5 decades of experience helping women in three continents create the life and work they want and a decade working in the educational system to bring creativity to the learning experience, Maria makes learning easy and change enjoyable. 

Once you learn to FLIP IT!... you are empowered to shift thoughts, attitudes and responses you don't like instantly!

 Enter the  Pre-registration Discount Code you received in the email
in the coupon field to obtain a $50 discount for the first month. 

You can sign up for a * one-time payment *3-months payment plan * Partner Discount * Teaching License
 Enter the  Pre-registration Discount Code you received in the email
in the coupon field to obtain a $50 discount for the first month. 

You can sign up for a * one-time payment *3-months payment plan * Partner Discount * Teaching License

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Deborah Brodey
Sound healer, yoga teacher, ceremonialist

Is this You?

  • You want to change the old habit of constantly complaining! You have observed that it saps your energy and motivation and makes working towards your goals a struggle.
  • You are positive in most things, but there is an area of your life where you feel like a victim of circumstances, like you have no control... and find yourself consistently seeing and expecting the negative.
  • You are a woman of faith. You pray, meditate and have a strong connection with divinity. So why, oh why, do you often catch yourself seeing and expecting the negative ~even though you know better? 
  • You are basically a positive person and you are working towards your dream, goals or life purpose. But every time you face a change, growth or a bit of stretching your wings.... the negative voices start, pulling you back.
  • You are trying to do something new ~and therefore a bit scary~ and suddenly your Gremlins are having a party on your head. Where did all these negative voices came from?! And why do they feed your fear and make you stumble?
  • You see and appreciate the beauty and miracles of this life. But there is a habit that drags you into the negative, especially when you are talking to old friends. You hear yourself painting a negative picture of the world or distrusting opportunities. You suspect that this is interfering with the frequency of your faith, keeping you from manifesting better opportunities.
  • As you focus in creating the life/work you want, you suspect that a lot of your pulling back and self-sabotage has to do with secretly feeling that you are not enough, that you do not deserve something or fearing that you don't have what it takes to make it happen.
  • You are working hard towards your goals or dreams. But just when you need to take action, the memory of past mistakes and failures jumps on you, wrestling you to the floor. And self-doubts pummel you until you pull back. You need to release the weight of past mistakes so that you can take flight into your future.
  • Could your dreams and potential be gobbled up by fears, learned limitations and false beliefs from the past? You want to shed these limitations and do your best. But often these habitual responses are triggered so fast that you miss the bus. It's frustrating to see in hind-sight what you could have thought, felt or done to respond positively to life and seize new opportunities. But now it's too late. Enough is enough. No more missing opportunities!

If this is you... 
You may be in the midst of a transition to a different level of consciousness. 
Your desire activated a transformation to unfold your potential.
But now this transformation demands that you release 
learned negative perceptions and responses
 and that you embrace instead
consistent positive perception and responses 
that empower you to unlock and embody that potential.

 And it's not easy. 
So here's help.

What can you accomplish?

  • Enjoy a creative project that eases your way through the process of dropping negative habits so you can move forward with your goals. Transformation has never been so fun!
  •  Flip your flaws and weaknesses into your fabulousity. 
  • Flip negative "what ifs?" into positive "what ifs" to move ahead.  No more pulling back because you imagine the worse!
  • Flip your your negative perception of reality into seeing a world that supports you. 
  • Flip fear-based responses into creative responses so that you can see and seize opportunities instead of resisting the new or unknown.
  •  Flip old, obsolete false beliefs into faith-based beliefs that resonate with your soul. 
  • Flip deep feelings of insufficiency and unworthiness into joyfully receiving the love that is here for you right now. 
  • Flip mistakes into portals to opportunities.
  • Flip failure into steps to success.
  • Change your habits to see and receive the positive opportunities around you. 
  • All while enjoying a fun, easy arts and crafts project!
  • Maria Mar's approach to transformation is play, enjoyment and emotional alchemy. As she teaches you to do the wand, you will laugh with her as she tells stories, brings humor into the challenge of transformation and turns on the magic! 
  • Includes templates for different ways of shifting your negative to positives.
  •  Self-paced. 
  • Get a partner or bring a partner. Flipping with a partner is fun and super-effective! Each one "plays" as the voice of the Flip Wand, helping the other flip while witnessing and supporting the exploration.
  • Join a community conversation to share insights, be witnessed and celebrated and find partners and support.
  • Get fast answers to your questions through the community posts.
  • Six major Life Flips covered in 18 sessions. 
  • One video/template/step per session helps you breeze through the transformation taking small, doable steps and enjoying magical shifts of perception.
  • Too busy? Slow down. There's no hurry. Go at your own pace. Enjoy.
  • You pay only one time and have life-time access to your journey version.
  • You get 50% discount on updated versions of the journey later on.
  • Join the Flipping Feast! Join Maria LIVE once a month for a fun game in which she plays the wand's like a puppet-master and helps you go through a deep, beautiful and powerful flipping process.

  • If you pre-register enter your Pre-registration Coupon Code on the appropriate field for a $50 discount. 

Pre-registration discount is valid until July 15, 2021
Creative Project starts on Tuesday, July 27th.
Lifetime access once you finish paying.
Choose your plan:* One-time payment * 3-Months Payment Plan  * Partner Discount * Teaching License.

How does it work?

  1. Click on the Pricing Option of your choice to register.
  2. If you have pre-registered, enter the coupon code on the appropriate field. Deadline for this discount is July 15th.
  3. You immediately receive a series of emails with the links and information you need to login and set your dashboard.
  4. When the project opens in July 27th, you join the journey and enjoy it at your own pace.
  5.  Every month there is a live event. In the Flip Feast with Maria she uses her shamanic and acting skills to help you flip your negatives while having great fun... and yet she's seriously helping you with your Gremlins, fears and transformation.
  6. Join the Partner Practice days once a month to practice in Zoom.
  7. If you want a partner, place a request in the community.  
  8. If you chose the Partner Discount, both of you will receive the information and can practice in the Partner Practice days and on your own.
  9. You get life time access for your version of the journey and 50% off for any new version later on. (Lifetime= for as long as the program is up in this platform.

This Creative Project is fun to do with a buddy or partner.
Get a partner and you each enjoy a 20% discount. 
Choose the Partner Discount Option.

"I love this. Highly recommend it."

- Musa

Course Summary

Look Inside

This project helps you examine your habitual negative perceptions of the world, your options and yourself and to shift them with ease and grace into alternative positive options that support your happiness, self-value and success. Release the negative habits that stand between you and your goals, dreams and potential. As you shift your expectations, interpretations and perceptions the negative lenses you've used fade away and you begin to see opportunities, allies, possibilities and blessings that support what you want to do ~and more importantly~ who you want to become and already truly, deeply are at your very core.

Course Curriculum

About Maria Mar

Maria Mar

Are you struggling with putting your gifts “out there”? Then Maria is your guide to breaking free from the fears and limitations that steal your gifts from the world. Maria Mar is a storyteller, author, poet, performer, artist and shaman with more than 40 years of experience in transformation through the arts. She has helped creative women in three continents to embody their purpose, unfold their potential, share their gifts and awaken their creative genius. She is a scout for you during change and challenges and helps you go from where you are to where you want to be. Maria invites you to play for your transformation in a magical process that employs creativity to design the life you want. Maria specially loves to work with multi-talented women who are ready to be change-makers but struggle to integrate all their gifts to serve the world. Her shamanic stories are journeys of transformation, manifestation and liberation that lead to potent, immediate and deep changes in your real life.


Course Pricing

  • One Time Payment

    $375 USD


    Pay one time for a $75 discount.

    YES! I want this!
  • 14 days full refund guarantee.
  • Release negative habits that sabotage your dreams and sap your potential.
  • Activate your creativity to quicken your shift from negative to positive.
  • Flip your flaws and weaknesses into your fabulousity.
  • Flip negative "what ifs?" into positive "what ifs" to move ahead.
  • Flip your negative perception of reality into a world that supports you.
  • Flip your mistakes into portals to possibilities. No more shame!
  • Flip your failures into steps to your success
  • Engage your inner children (and your kids) in the creation of the Flip Wand
  • Includes videos guiding you through each flipping process.
  • Includes videos guiding you through the easy creation of the WhatIf Wand.
  • Includes templates to guide you through each flipping process.
  • Includes a community to find partners, share insights and get support.
  • Join Maria live once a month in a fun Flipping Feast!
  • Change your habits to see and receive the positive opportunities around you
  • Life time access to this version of the journey.
  • 50% off to upgraded/updated versions of the journey in the future.
  • 3-months Payment Plan
  • 3 payments of

    $150 USD

    per month

    Enjoy a 3-month payment plan at the full price of $475 divided into 3 $150 payments.

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  • All benefits and features of the regular plan with 3 months payment plan.
  • Partner Discount

    $600 USD


    Double Discount! You and a friend enjoy $75 discount each. You must use same credit card and one time payment option.

    Yes! I flip with a friend
  • All benefits and features of the regular plan for BOTH of you
  • Teaching License

    $575 USD


    Get permission to teach the process and to use it in your practice. Includes 2 special sessions and 4 email correspondence.

    Buy Now
  • All benefits and features of the regular plan, plus...
  • 2 live sessions for teachers, influencers and transformation catalysts.
  • 4 Private back and forth email correspondences between you and Maria
  • Printable license authorizing you to teach the Flip It! Process(tm).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Live events are:
1. Partnering Practice is the first Thursday of every month at 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EST.
2. Flip Feast with Maria Mar is the third Thursday of every month at 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EST

3. Special sessions are facilitated on the second Thursday of the month about every 3 months or upon announcement, depending on how many teaching licenses are active during that time. They run from 1:00PM to 3:00PM EST.

The live events go on for 3 months, so you have ample time to practice, ask questions and work with Maria Mar.

Once you register you have 14 days to test drive the journey. This will allow you to through the introduction, overview and the first flip process. If you do not like it, contact us using the support link in the top menu and we will do a full refund for you. It may take a while, as the fee goes around before entering our bank. But we will let you know when to expect it. No problems. No questions.

After that, there is no refund. If you choose a payment plan, you agree to be charged the monthly fee for three months and you get access to the next milestones to keep moving.

You can go as slowly as you want. But you cannot faster than one step a day.

Maria believes in enjoyment, playful exploration and time to absorb and integrate between sessions. This journey has nine milestones. Each milestone has about 3 to 5 steps. That is about 18 sessions.

During the first 14 days you will have access to three milestones that will be dripped daily. The idea is that you do small shifts each day that add up in the long run. You will have access to the Introductory Milestone, the Overview and the Flip process No. 1. (See curriculum above.)

If you do not like the journey at that moment, you can ask for a full refund.

If you do like it, Milestone No. 4 is unlocked and you go to the next Flip process. After that you can proceed at one step per day.

But if you are too busy, need to take it slower or for any reason feel to skip days or go over something or perhaps the craft project for a Milestone takes longer ~then you are encouraged to slow down.

As long as you stay the full course and do not cancel, you have life access to the materials. (As long as they are housed in this site and up and running.) There is no rush. Have fun. Enjoy it!

The live events go on for 3 months once the journey is open every year, so you have ample time to practice, ask questions and work with Maria Mar.

Then your access is also stopped. We will send you an email letting you know, in case it's a mistake. After that, you will close access.

The Teaching license is for teachers, influencers, leaders, transformation agents or psychologist/therapists that want to teach the FLIP IT! Process or to use it in their work.

It gives you legal authorization to use the process. There is a downloadable and printable diploma you keep as proof of this authorization.

It gives you access to a minimum of two live online sessions with Maria Mar where she answers your questions, explores with you the particular tweaks and use of the process in your field and with your clients and helps you understand the nuances of each step.

Then you have 4 back and forth private emails where you can discuss with Maria any tweaks, situations or questions you have.

The special sessions are about every 3 months ~give and take. Much depends on how many members have that license. But Maria will schedule at least one during the first three months and the other during the next semester. You will receive notices for the special sessions, which take place on the second Thursday of the month from 1:00 PM to 3:00PM EST.

You have up to 6 months for the communication.

No. You can share the process with your family at no extra cost. In fact, that makes Maria super-happy.

But if you want to teach it outside your personal life, then yes, you need the Teaching License. It does not only give you legal authorization, but Maria's support to tweak, adapt and deepen your practice in ways that serve you and your Tribe.

Not at the moment. Right now Maria will close it after registration until next year. She does not know when she will open it next year. It depends on the demand and her schedule for 2022. So if you want it, get it now!

For troubleshooting registration or access problems or any other type of problem (except technical problems) contact Maria at Shamansdancepublishing(at) (Substitute "at" by the @ symbol.)

For technical support when you are inside the journey, click on the available links for support. You can also post a comment and Maria will see it. Or use our email address if you can't get Zenler support, and we will let them know.

You are covered. We are here to support you. We've got your back!

And finally, know that...
ShamansDance Publishing & Productions is the business of two women: Maria Mar and Corazon Tierra. 

We are transformation artists who employ creativity on behalf of your transformation, manifestation and liberation. We are committed to loving, professional and ethical service and we care deeply about our Tribe. If you have any questions or problems we are here for you. And we love to hear from our clients, not just for problems, but to celebrate every forward step, yummy insight and glorious aleluya! in your life. Your success is our success. Your happiness is our bliss!