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Take Your Goddess Out of the Suitcase!

Break free from what holds you back, stand in your value and free your Goddess Self.
 This journey is made for women who have been cultivating 
their Creative Feminine gifts and talents 
struggle with coming out with these gifts and new perspectives
that are so new and tender in them 
and different to what others know them for.

Are you this creative woman?  
You have been 
cultivating your creative genius, your feminine gifts, 
or the unique perspective or expertise you've gathered in your life. 

You've taken courses, developed your talents, 
written, painted, embodied or organized 
your unique perspective or approach...

now it's time to come out of the creative chrysalis.
It's time to stretch your wings.

It's time to free your Creative Feminine.

 You are struggling to come out as the new, creative, bold, bright you
in a field that may not be ready for your approach.
You are fighting with voices both within you and in the culture
that trivialize the creative and dismiss the feminine.

Perhaps your approach is non-linear or experiential 
and you are afraid people will think it does not make sense.

Or you may be combining different fields that you are passionate about,
but will people get it? Should you even talk about it?

Or you've been hiding behind "normal" 
but now you want to show your bold, bright, beautiful TRUE colors.

Or you are just doing something new that feels daring.

It's scary to go "out there" with your beloved gifts and talents,
risking rejection, criticism or even attacks!

So just when you want to move forward....
You pull back.

Which of these scenarios is yours?

At Work...

You've been cultivating your Creative Feminine for a while now. You've gotten quite good at it. 

But your passion stays as a hobby while you feel trapped in a joyless job.

Enough! You don't want to live an "I have to" life any more. You long for an "I want to" life where you get up in the morning and can feel joy, fulfillment, gratitude and look forward to creating beauty and harmony and to expressing your bold, bright, beautiful true colors. Yes, yes, yes! PLEASE!!

The Passionista

You feel an almost painful need to infuse your work or your offers with the Creative Feminine that nourishes your soul. Something within you or greater than you urges you to integrate this.

But constantly your revert to what is "practical" or "functional" or familiar in your field ~in spite of how vital the Creative Feminine has been in your life.

You want to feel fully alive when you serve others. You want to attract those who want more beauty, creativity, intuitive wisdom, heart resonance and emotional meaning in their process. How can you communicate it's value? 

The Creative Goddess 

You feel a bit... OK, a LOT.... shaky as you prepare to go out there with a new offer, a new message or new branding to share that bold, innovative, true-to-your-heart creation you've worked on.

But for some reason, you become confused, your thoughts fragmented and your anxiety rises.

Why? This is what you wanted to do. This makes you happy! Why the agony?

The Trailblazer

You have gathered your knowledge from two (or more) fields into a system or process and you are ready to share it with the world. 

Perhaps its music, health and women's empowerment. Or sound, yoga and self-care. Maybe it's art, personal growth and spirituality. Or neuroscience, aging and self-actualization.  It's your life's work finally coalescing and the fusion is simply brilliant!

But you are scared. You've never done or share these ideas or knowledge before in this way. Is your field ready for this? Will people get it? Or will you lose all credibility?

The truth is that you need to do this. It feels like this is the wisdom you came here to unlock for humanity. And you know it works.  But it feels vulnerable. How can you do this without losing authority?

The Fusionista

In your life...

You know you have value to add, things to say... You may not talk as much as others, but you reflect deeply and often see what is missing.

But every time you see an opportunity and want to express this value, fear pulls you back. You get confused. You doubt yourself.

You are tired that those who speak louder and more get the floor, often to spout nonsense, while your voice is not heard. On the other hand, you've seen how they often devalue the feminine perspective. You want to stand in your authority, but you need clarity and confidence to do it.

The Goddess Ambassador

The Goddess Graduate

You've become too safe in the role of student. Time to graduate! 

You may have been taking training, courses, traveling to meet mentors and teachers, practicing with friends and a few peers... and your heart says that it is time to step up, to go from student to expert, artist, teacher or influencer.

But you are not ready. Isn't that arrogant of your part? Do you have what it takes? 

The Blossomista

You have been growing underground and it's time to blossom. 

You've been cultivating some gifts and talents that light you up. Your whole being is screaming...
"Time to break through the soil!"
Time to go out there in full blossom!"  

But you fear sharing these precious gifts beyond your closest friends. What if you show your new bold, bright, true colors and they reject you because it's not who they've come to know?

I get you...

Going "out there" with a new creation, a new aspect of yourself or  a different approach is exciting, but also scary. You are in transition as you embrace this new part of you and wonder if others will also embrace it or if they will not receive it.

If any of this is true, then know that...

"Obstacles are slabs to build our bridges."
Maria Mar

What about these scenarios instead?

Change your operating frequency. Own your Passionista!

Bring the THETA frequency of creativity to relax the physical constriction and integrate the mental fragmentation you may be experiencing.

Then allow the creative vibrations to increase your adaptability, fluidity and confidence in your deeper knowing until it is felt in your voice, your words and your interactions, becoming clarity, magnetism, resonance and charisma.

The Passionista

Let the Goddess in your Heart point the way!

Break free of the myths of “the way things are,” “practicality,” “people won’t value this” and other limiting beliefs that throw doubt on your Creative Feminine intuition and unique gifts.

Instead, activate your Feminine Gifts, such as creative-intuitive intelligence, emotional intelligence, body wisdom and heart wisdom to guide you in communicating your truth in a way that resonates with those who DO value what you offer.   

The Creative Goddess

Transmute your fear into passion to engage others. 

Shake the old useless advice to “do it with fear” and instead employ your creativity to find and melt the fear, so you can do it with joy.

Strip your fear of its fangs by releasing the story beneath it while retaining its potent energy; then harness it into excitement so that you express your unique genius and communicate your gifts with passion and charisma.

The Trailblazer

Expand your leadership to innovate with joy and receive support from higher sources.

Detach from the struggle, stress and “efforting” that come from a sense that you must work hard to convince others of your gifts. 

Develop instead the TETHA-ALPHA brain frequency that brings you to what Taoists call Wu wei, a state of action in non-action that helps you to align with the ebb and flow of the world, so that you can co-create the best outcome with ease and grace and instantly attract the allies, information and resources you need.

The Fusionista

Release the voices that suppress your Goddess from the inside out.

No longer allow the inner voices in your old programs to shame your Creative Feminine until you doubt its efficacy. 

Instead locate the Inner Patriarch in your psyche and dismantle the old programming. Redefine power, success, authority, strength and leadership to honor the Sacred Feminine values in your heart. Never again doubt your feminine perspective!

The Goddess Ambassador

Drink your value to stand in your self-authority.

Go from “knowing” your value intellectually to owning your value deeply at an emotional and physical level. 

You will enjoy the ceremony of “Drinking your Gifts” until you are nourished by your own genius and have no doubt of its efficacy and worth.

The Goddess Graduate

Step into your brilliance with the Freedom Steps.

Learn three powerful steps you can take immediately to stop the defensive reactions and the pull-back impulse. 

Instead  transmute that impulse into living streams of supportive emotions that allow you new fresh positive responses. 

The Blossomista

Employ your creativity to transmute self-judgment into self-value.

Release the secret judgments that make you doubt your capacity and sets you into endless perfectionist tasks.

Instead, engage your Sacred Child in play to bring safety, openness and acceptance within you, dissolving tons of resistance and building your self-acceptance and self-confidence gracefully.

All the Goddesses!

These new scenarios are doable and possible.

I have shifted from the scenarios of old limiting narrations to these scenarios and now I consistently and joyfully share my gifts with the world. I LIVE those new scenarios every day and so do other women in three continents who have journeyed with me and have been able to change the obstacles they faced from the inside out, becoming the Goddess within them.

You can do it too. I'm not saying it's easy. But it's not the remote possibility it may sound to you right now. It's not done easily. But it can be done with ease and grace.

Even though, I can hear you...

"But I've tried everything!"

Yes, you've been in your creative chrysalis. But you have not been idle. You have tried to step into your new persona or creation, dipping your toes here and there... but you have promptly pulled back.

Self-doubt, feelings of not being ready, perfectionism or plain old fear start whispering... then screaming ... until you go back to the familiar. How can you break through?

You have already:

Taken more courses to get better, but though your knowledge or mastery has evolved, not so your confidence!

Gotten more training for more credentials. That should convey confidence to your prospective audience or clients, right? So why does it never feel enough? Every time you get a new certificate, there's a voice in your head saying that it is not enough. "You should get another certification in...." It never ends!

Study how to do the stuff you need to do to get "out there."  You've taken some courses on marketing, promotion or even business to get clarity on what steps to take and move towards being visible. But all you get is to feel more overwhelmed!

"Fake it till you make it!" That's what they say, right? And that is how you feel... like a fake. And it shows.

You may have even done things to get "out there" ~like videos, a blog or articles. But it fell flat. Why?

 So what can you do?

Is it a pipe dream? Will you die without sharing what is in your heart?  


To do what you long to do, be what you feel is wanting to be born inside you and to share your gifts with the world are not dreams. They are your true nature. That's why there is a painful longing in you.  

And NOW is the time for it. That is why you feel an urgency.  

Keep reading to find why what you have done is not working and what has worked for me and other creative women in three continents to become their dream and express their potential.  

Why Nothing You've Tried has Worked... and What Does!

The main reason why the solutions you've tried have not worked is obvious when you hear it but we simply don't realize it because humans tend to look for external solutions to our problems.... and the problem is NOT external.

What pulls you back is not "out there" though there may be external challenges to deal with, like money, know-how or technology.

What pulls you back when you want to leap forward with your inspired thoughts, new ideas and creative approaches is internal. What is pulling the rope that lands you back into hiding, back into habits and back into the safety of the familiar... are the ghosts of old limiting stories!

These old stories have been embedded in your mind, physical body and energy field. Sometimes people refer to it as old programming, and it is "sort of" a program. But saying that it's a program does not help us to understand how it works or what to do.

I call these ghost stories Story Fields because understanding that they are not just memories ~but holistic energy fields containing stories that come alive in us and direct our actions unconsciously~ that is key to you setting your Goddess free.

In this short video I show you how Story Fields work in an animated illustrated story where my favorite female character from childhood ~Wonder Woman~ helps us find out how Story Fields  pull us back from expressing that gorgeous Goddess and what we need to do. Enjoy it!

“Stories are the only imagined structure that can lay down actual memories, as if you had experienced the event directly in real life. This gives story the alchemical power to rewrite reality.”  ~Maria Mar~

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"Aja! So That's Why Nothing I've Done has Worked!"

Exactly! You are beginning to understand why what you have done has not worked. You've been side-tracked by the external challenges believing you are solving the core obstacle when that problem is only the tip of the iceberg. You need to dive in!

Let's see how this looks in real life, shall we? ):

Mistake # 1 Doing more

You've been taking action to get confidence and clarity.

You've been taking more classes or training, spending more time developing your ideas or plans, even doing a website or preparing a course and other actions to address your situation. These actions deal with your external environment.

But you cannot change the Story Fields that pull you back and overwhelm you from that level because they are not in the external environment. They are in your internal environment.

Doing things in the physical world is what most people advise us. "Do something to change it!" But the social world out there is not the same level where the story is.

So until you change your story operating in your internal environment, the things you do "out there" will not work. In fact, they may work against you because you feel that you are running but not advancing, just digging a hole in the same place.

What works? We are getting there. Keep reading.

Mistake # 2: Trying to implement your choices with mental decisions

You've been focusing on problem-solving!

Problem-solving is how we operate must of the time as adults. We pin-point the problem and then create a plan of action to solve it. This is the rational level. It even has a different brain frequency from the creative state.

Problem-solving happens at the BETA brain frequency, which in the mid-range, when we are problem solving is 15-18Hz . In contrast, the creative-intuitive state, the THETA brain frequency vibrates at 4-8 Hz. If you go into trance or deep meditation, like shamans and yogis do, you reach the Alpha frequency of 8-12Hz.

Both THETA and ALPHA enter the subconscious. THETA also relates to memories, emotions and sensations while ALPHA can mediate the subconscious and the conscious mind.

Back to that moment when you want to move forward, to take your gifts into the world...

You are making rational choices in the present: "I want to share this."

But these choices trigger deeply emotional stories from the past that are held in the Story Fields.

And these old limiting, prohibitive, even abusive or traumatic stories distort how you see and respond to the present reality and to yourself.

When these old stories are triggered, as you saw in the video, the whole shebang is activated. At that moment you may think that you are problem solving, but without realizing it you may be thinking from a place of fear, anxiety and confusion.

That's why you feel overwhelmed.

You have escalated into the high range of BETA,which is above 18Hz. You are now influenced by the subjective feeling states in the old stories. While you are alert, you may also suffer agitation. And that becomes associated with moving forward, doing your dream or expressing your bright beautiful colors.

So now what you want becomes what you dread!!

But do you see how your creative-intuitive wisdom (THETA) is going into those memories, exploring those emotions, capable of watching them and re-imagining them?

Can you see how in ceremony, meditation and deep self-reflection (ALPHA) you can build a bridge between the subconscious and the conscious, past and present?

Doing this allows you to bring your consciousness back in alignment with your soul's wisdom and to harmonize with the environment, entering Oneness. This state further empowers you to trascend your narratives, to step back into the witness, to step out into the healer in you, to step up into your Sacred Self.

And do you see that from those perspectives you can see and change those old, limited, learned narratives?

Now we are talking!

Mistake #3: Confusing the Past with the Present and Reacting Defensively

When you get scared, overwhelmed or confused, you immediately pull back from the interaction into a familiar response.

In my work understanding how learned stories affect our present responses, I've discovered that Developmental Selves, Wounded Selves from the past and even Archetypal Selves carrying aspects of human consciousness are activated with a Story Field.

You may then be sucked  into those roles and become the helpless child, the Ugly Duckling, the Orphan, the Rebel Adolescent, the impoverished Cinderella or the captive Rapunzel. Even though you are conscious of being an adult emotionally you may revert to those helpless states. And that is frustrating and confusing. It throws you out for a loop and makes you feel incompetent and less sure of your abilities.

At that moment, you may interpret the present situation erroneously because you are seeing it as the child or Wounded Self from the past does.

As a result, you may...

~ Perceive a mentor as you perceived your old teacher who told you that you were not creative.
~ See a prospect as your mom who told you that art does not bring home the bacon.
~ Hear your grandma warning you about what people say and pull back, afraid of being mocked or invalidated.

And now this becomes your current reality; not because it is what is happening but because it is how you are seeing what is happening. You are interpreting other's behaviors and intentions based on those ghosts stories.

Before I understood this, I missed many opportunities, reacting as if they were threats when in fact they were portals to new possibilities.

Let me do a "Show, Don't Tell" story that can help you understand how these stories may be pulling you back when you want to share your gifts.

I was overwhelmed...

I was starting my business and trying to set up shop, longing to share my gifts with others.

The technological problems grew to the point that I was spending most of my working hours addressing these issues. I felt like the little dutch boy, with my finger in that hole, trying to keep the dam from breaking.

The technological problems grew and multiplied. They became insurmountable... until I got very sick from anxiety, overworking and despair.

Then I had to stop and go deep within. 

What I discovered blew my mind!

I realized that I was using technology to avoid presenting my gifts. How could that be? How could my fear create external situations?

As I dove deeper, I got to the core internal obstacle in my old story:

 I was avoiding sharing my gifts actively because a part of me was secretly convinced that "they" would not value my offer.  

Now that was my Internal Action, to avoid sharing my gifts. The belief that generated that action was that "they" ( my prospects) would not value my offer.

So I was like Penelope, secretly undoing by night (unconsciously) what I was doing by day (consciously).

But who was this "they" that I kept seeing in my mind and fearing their respond?

When I used my creative resources to investigate, Story Alchemy was born.

 In that process I discovered that "they" were my family. I was placing my prospective audiences and readers in the role of my family who did not value my creativity... so of course I was terrified to present my offers to them!

My Story Fields were generating Internal Actions that actually influenced what was happening in the external environment! 

This was confirmed the minute I changed the beliefs and emotions in the old story because
the technical nightmare ended!

Many women have gone through a similar transformation using Story Alchemy. They have been able to find the core internal obstacle that was anchoring their external obstacles.... and their life changed as if by magic.

So what can you do that works? You re-write your old stories!

Based on this understanding and on my decades of work using art for transformation with women, I have created Story Alchemy(tm): This system uses the power of story and storytelling to help you rewrite your old stories into the new story of you living your brilliance right now, just as you are. 

Story Alchemy(tm) includes these three processes:

Story Shifting(tm): This is the art and science of tracking when a learned limiting story is activated and what happens then in your emotional and inner world. You are then  empowered to shift your old reactions into fresh, creative responses.

Artchemy (tm): (Art as alchemy) is a proprietary system I created to empower you to use art as an alchemy to quicken, deepen and activate the transformation you want.

In this journey we will be using fun and easy collage making throughout the duration, generating a collage project that takes you from a closed suitcase full of self-doubts, fears and old prohibitions, hidden dreams, shelved creations, locked gifts and underground wisdom.... into your Goddess emerging from that suitcase, activating your Creative Feminine and unfolding your magnificence.

ChiDances(tm): I created this practice of intentional energy-shifting movement to help you reconfigure the old limiting energy patterns  into the new patterns that support your Goddess Self, your brilliance and your bold, beautiful, bright true colors. 

Enjoy the 5-minute video below,  where a flight of butterflies helps me introduce you to the magic of Story Alchemy and how it frees you to live fully in the present.

The Art of Transformation 

Have fun while you take your Goddess out of that Suitcase!

Change is tough. Releasing the old stories, changing limiting habits, transmuting our fear into wonder, love and passion... these changes are not easy. They demand courage, energy and self-love. 

I know because I've transmuted scores of habits, old stories, learned limitations and fears in order to free my vast creative potential. I transmuted my deep-seated addiction of smoking into breathing and sound and movement healing practices. I transmuted my dysfunctional relations into self-love and self-acceptance. I transmuted my eating disorders into self-intimacy and deep exploration of the feminine psyche. I changed my belief that I had no talent for visual art into developing that gift until I am now a visual artist. I have freed my vast creative potential and in the process, unlocked my wisdom, reclaimed my gifts, owned my value and assumed my leadership... all while having fun, strengthening my joy muscle and my gratitude practice and becoming my dream!

I can mark the exact time when I was able to generate this alchemy... when I began to use my creativity and my art as tools for transformation.

Why did that change the game for me?

When you employ your creativity and use art as a transformational tool, you are immediately changing your emotional vibration.

Creativity is a way of self-mothering. It engages our Sacred Child in expressing their gifts, unfolding their potential and sharing their truth while they are accepted and loved unconditionally. This shifts them from fear and shame into feeling supported to be themselves ~which immediately begins to heal old wounds. 

Creativity facilitates deep inner transformation with ease and grace. It allows us to source our hidden truths, to transmute our fear into excitement and to express our inner reality in the unique way that is our authentic self. This melts frozen, stagnant energy patterns from old Story Fields.

Creativity is a path to embodiment. It enables us to take an abstract idea, vision or intuitive knowing and express it into a solid, 3D object. It makes the imperceptible visible, the intangible palpable and the abstract concrete. Now we can explore its potential and develop it into physical reality.

Change does not happen because we know better.
 Change happens because we feel different.  
When we change our vibrational frequency we change our life.

When we change our story we move to a different universe.

The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”
~Muriel Rukeyser~

The Power of Embodiment

What does it mean for you that changing your story and vibration changes your universe? And more importantly, how can you do it?

It means that you can fully embody your gifts, receive and stand in your value, resonate with those who will love and receive your gifts and express the Goddess in you.

In the first video above, you discovered how old programs in the form of learned limiting narratives ~or Story Fields~ interfere with your intentions and goals and hold you back from expressing your gifts and beautiful true colors.

In the next video, you saw how Story Alchemy uses storytelling, ChiDance and collage making to help you change your old stories.

While Story Shifting allows you to track down those old stories and rewrite them, you need to address the physical and energy body to change their patterns.

The second layer of this process of re-writing our stories is to change what we are embodying.

ChiDance  practice helps you change the energy patterns of the old stories and allows you to flow new, fresh, creative energy to create the patterns that support the life you choose.

By now you can recognize that I prefer to show than to tell. So see how ChiDance works in the 3-minute video below.

"Embodiment is the bridge that carries you from where you are to where you want to be. Your truth is in your body. The vibration of your body is the frequency to which the universe responds." ~Maria Mar

The Transformative Power of Collage

So you've looked at two of the tools you can use to change those old narratives: Storytelling (and Story Shifting) and ChiDance.

The third tools in Story Alchemy is Artchemy ~the use of art as alchemy for life. 

Artchemy allows you to make your stories visible and tangible and then release them, transmute them and reshape them inside you while you also do it externally. This is an alchemy that shapeshifts your reality!

Below I share some visuals to help you understand the healing and transformative power of collage ~when used within my alchemical framework~ to Remember (re-member or bring all your members together) who you truly are, your Sacred Self as an expression of the Divine. 

I can teach women the shamanic insights and practices that have helped me reclaim my vast creative potential, release my old limitations and shapeshift my life....

...or I can play with them doing a collage that turns those teachings into direct multi-sensory experiences.

Which would you prefer? I know what I like best! LOL!

Artchemy empowers you to integrate your pieces into a wholesome self that can receive, feel, own and express her magnificence with ease and grace, standing in her authority as well as her vulnerability.

My infographic below shows part of the alchemical process I guide people through when we are doing collage that serves as a way to address and redress the old story and to align with the story you want to live.

Use the control key in your keyboard to enlarge it for easy reading.

What You can Achieve in this Journey 

I am Maria Mar and I help creative women who struggle with sharing their gifts to break free from internal and external obstacles so that they can embody their goddess and their vision and go from an "I have to" life to an "I want to" life.

I have worked for more than four decades as a transformation artist, a shaman and a women's self-actualization guide.

I am an artist, author, poet, performer, storyteller and energy worker. You can see why I can help you in the holistic, multi-layered process of changing your story. I am in a unique position to have cultivated an integration of movement, art and story as a path to transformation.

I have freed my creative potential and translated it into journeys, products and offers that express my bold, bright, beautiful true colors and make a difference in the world.  

If what I've share in this page resonates with you, if it makes your soul sit up and listen and your heart do a happy dance; then you and I can go in a magical journey to Take your Goddess out of the Suitcase. 

Take a look at what is possible

Not bad for a 5 months journey!

The registration for the Beta Member cycle starts on September 15, 2021 and ends on October 15, 2021.
The next cycle starts on January 21st at the regular price.

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What women are saying... 

About Maria as a teacher and self-actualization guide

This Creative Journey is...

  • Self-paced. Take each step at your leisure. I highly recommend that you ENJOY the journey and stop when you stop enjoying a step or module, then allow some time, go walk in nature or do something you enjoy and when you are ready, then come back to the module. I urge you to persevere, but to honor your emotions and your body's needs. There is wisdom there guiding you. Listen deeply. You have lifetime access, so there is no rush. I discourage pushing and pressurizing yourself. Practice love and self-compassion as you move through this journey.
  • Designed for creative women and for the Female Way of learning, growing and changing by an expert of the feminine psyche who has worked with hundreds of women. (That's me, lovely!): It is designed to be fun, to activate your creative-intuitive intelligence, to help you absorb, digest and integrate the knowledge so it does not stay "in the head" and to give you the tools and pace you need to BECOME the knowledge and go through the transformation with ease and grace.
  • Digging deep wells to find the water. Even though we are having fun... even though creativity lightens the load... we are going deep. We are not bypassing truth, pain or challenges. This is not for those with no personal growth experience. You will need a good self-development toolbox and you will also learn more tools to go deep within the self, release what does not serve and employ your creativity to align with your Goddess Self. 
  • Holistic and integrated. I have worked as a transformation artist for many decades. I've guided women and youth in transformation at schools, in community programs and even in prisons. My own actualization process during my shamanic training took place through a holistic, integrated path including all the forms of art, communion with the natural and sacred worlds, and Emotional Alchemy that allowed me to change the vibration of my being by acknowledging, allowing, accepting, loving and then shifting my emotions. As you work through these fun activities, simply allow your emotions to flow and you will enjoy life-changing insights that come through play, exploration and creation.
  •  Designed for our times. In this COVID time we have gone through too many stressors at once. We do not need more stress!! However, we still need change. In fact, now more than ever we need to release old habits and limitations so that we become the change that we urgently need. We also need to learn how to face uncertainty through creative fluidity so that we don't get paralyzed with fear. So what to do? I've designed this journey to help you embrace the change you need to free your Creative Feminine and take your Goddess out of the suitcase.... with only a healthy level of stress (the unavoidable growing pains) and with lots of fun, inspiration, loving insights and emotional support.
  • Designed to organically reclaim and liberate the Creative Feminine. Because we are using her language, the Goddess in that suitcase hidden in the folds of our darkest fears can come out. By using the creative-intuitive aspect of our intelligence and activating non-linear, holistic, experiential and emotional ways of learning and changing we inherently reclaim and strengthen our Creative Feminine.
  • Requiring your full creative agency and participation. I've laid out a clear map to go from where you are to where you want to be. You are in control of the pace and the time. That's the good news. However, if you do not do the actions, you will not see any change. Here's how this looks like in terms of monthly hours: 
  • The Monthly Gatherings is 2 hours=120 minutes
  • Two weeks a month you get new modules. You will probably spend 60-90 minutes a week going through the modules. =180 minutes
  • The week after you get a new module, you work on the creative project and bring it consciously into your life. This allows you to absorb and digest the knowledge before beginning to integrate and apply it. = 240 minutes + conscious living practices.
  • Then you have the biweekly Artchemy Atelier, that provides you 2 hours twice a month to finish the project with my support. =240 minutes
  • The biweekly the ChiDance Lab allows you to 2 hours per session to practice reweaving the energy patterns. =240 minutes
  • That's a total of 1020 minutes a month = 17 hours a month = 3.25 hours a week.
  • Invest about 4 hours a week and see your work and life change and your Goddess dancing out of that suitcase! 
  • Doing the work generates the transformation. The rest of the transformation takes place by living consciously every week, seizing the opportunities to practice and become the insights. 
  • The insights are presented in the modules with me guiding you and lending you power and presence to feel supported and accompanied. 
  • But the knowledge is transmitted and implemented through the creative project itself, so doing the creative tasks is the path to free the Goddess.

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It sound great so far, but I want to know more.
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What women are saying... 

About Maria's writings and teachings

So far so good?

If you like what you hear... and see... I am doing a happy dance!

It's looking like we are going to have a blast playing to free your Goddess out of that suitcase!

It's time to get into the nitty gritty. Below you will find an outline of the Journey Curriculum and a section on How it Works that tells you what happens and when.

You will also find more testimonies, a brief bio about me and a must-read invitation to be one of the small group of women who are the Beta 2 Members to co-create this online experience with me in exchange for a generous discount!! Whohooo!

If all resonates, please read the Terms of Service  before you register, so we are on the clear.

I also answer some common questions in the FAQ at the bottom.

Journey Curriculum

Journey Curriculum

Not bad for a 5 months journey!  
The Beta 2 Member cycle starts on September 15th
and ends after 5 months. 

December 15th to January 15 th count as 1 month
(This  is my Winter vacation/writing retreat)

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Join our Beta 2 Members and enjoy 
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Have questions? Check the FAQ section.
Before your register, please read  Beta 2 Member Invitation, the How it Works section
and the Terms of Service
 so that we are both clear on our agreement. 
Once you register, you are accepting this agreement.

Testimonies from Women Who have gone through Maria's Journeys

 On Maria's magical journeys 
 "I felt challenged and loved unconditionally at the same time. Gained insights, as well, and am using your book to inspire me further."

Nancy Fairbrother 
 Butterfly Woman and Life Purpose Guide
On the storytelling sessions 
included in the modules
"I just finished listening to your conversation in the storytelling video and had so many take-aways... Financially, my parents never had enough as they grew up during the Great Depression so I realized I have been living a theme of "not enough." I look forward to working with my Ancestors in the process you described. Thank you both so much for this time and for sharing your conversation.

Julie Holly 
Butterfly Woman and creator of 
Inner Radiance Coaching

On Maria Mar's insights... 
"I think just being able to name these challenges has propelled me on my way out of them. Maria Mar, your insights and thoughts are such powerful waves sent my way in this river of change I am swimming through. You are so generous in sharing your own story and experience of how you worked through these challenges."

Pragalbha Doshi 
Butterfly Woman and entrepreneur

How it Works

1. Modules

You have access to the modules from your registration day.

The first Module is Onboarding and preparation. It supplies you with a list of materials so that you can prepare and explains underlying approaches and principles.

It helps you navigate the site.

It introduces you to the Mistressing Way, the feminine way to grow, learn and succeed.

You have a week before the journey begins so that you can get the supplies.

Then, on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month a new module is released on Monday, so that you can study its insights and have time to absorb it during the week.

Contents may include shamanic insights, tools from Maria Mar's feminine actualization system and principles from the Story Alchemy process.  
The insights are communicated interactively through working in collage, movement and storytelling in an integrated way.

There is a combination of written material and interactive videos where you can move or work with me as I go through the process.

Beta 2 members will get the modules in a raw format. Your feedback will let me know what to keep and what to let go to tighten the learning process and enrich the experience. 

The week in-between modules is for you to do the work. Write in your journal. Do the Artchemy. Practice the ChiDance. Work with the Art Templates. Do the Actions, share in community and submit any questions for the Monthly Gathering.

Once the journey ends, you have lifetime access to the journey modules for the edition of the journey that you registered for. 

Regular Members get a 50% discount for upgraded versions of that journey, as they often include new modules, features and benefits.
Beta Members get the upgraded modules at no extra cost.

Practice and Implementation

This is a 5 months journey. You are encouraged to go at your pace. You have lifetime access, so there is no rush. The live events are offered for the 5 months duration, however. (More below.)

If you want to take longer, simply use the discount code to continue with the live events. Or you can simply go it alone the rest of the way.

This allows you to keep exploring the content long after the 5 months are over.  This is done so that you avoid pressuring yourself or skipping the yin aspects of learning and implementing ~which is where we create trouble for ourselves!

Your time Commitment:
There is one Monthly Gathering  Day (see below) that goes on about  2 hours.

Two weeks a month you get new modules. You will probably spend 60-90 minutes a week going through the modules. =180 minutes

The week after you get a new module, you work on the creative project and bring it consciously into your life. This allows you to absorb and digest the knowledge before beginning to integrate and apply it. = 240 minutes + conscious living practices.

Then you have the biweekly Artchemy Atelier, that provides you 2 hours twice a month to finish the project with my support. =240 minutes

The biweekly the ChiDance Lab allows you 2 hours per session to practice reweaving the energy patterns. =240 minutes

That's a total of 1020 minutes a month = 17 hours a month = 3.25 hours a week.

Do this and the changes will be visible and powerful even before you finish the journey.

The rest of the transformation takes place by living consciously every week, seizing the opportunities to practice and become the insights.

The insights are written in the modules, but they are transmitted and implemented through the creative project itself, so doing the creative tasks is the path to free the Goddess. *

2. Monthly Gathering Day

This is the time when you can work directly with me to apply what you learned in the modules to your life if you are having problems, get a HOT SEAT, get questions answered and enjoy a ceremony that moves you forward.

We open and close this gathering with a ceremonial summoning to our Spiritual Guidance to guide and inspire us and protect the space. We enter stillness, turn within and from our soul frequency connect to call our Creation Partners from all dimensions and directions. This opening follows shamanic practices and is non-denominational, so you can call your own guidance in your own religious or spiritual tradition or not call anything and simply sit in a space of love. It is this opening that holds sacred space and initiates changes in your frequency.

During this gathering we will work with the three different types of creative activities involved in Story Alchemy, which we practice as an integrated multi-media experience during the modules: Collage, ChiDances and Storytelling. 

Your questions will be answered in-depth. If your request for a HOT SEAT went through, you will be called forth and Maria will help you address any difficulties in implementing the insights.

During this ceremony you are welcome to share your stories, show your collage and share any part of the journey you want to share or getting feedback on.

4th Thursday at 2- 4PM EST

Replays available.

3. ChiDance Laboratory

In the ChiDance Lab you practice the use of intentional movement to change energy patterns.

 You can also request me to help you develop a customized ChiDance to transform old patterns you've discovered during the project.

Simply ask for help, share your challenge and I will help you.

Keep in mind that other members from other journeys may also show up in some sessions.

You do not have to attend the ChiDance Laboratory. It is available if you need it. If you want a customized ChiDance, you need to attend the live sessions.

If you miss it, there are replays available.

2nd Thursday at 2-4PM EST
4th Thursday at 5-7PM EST*

If you want to continued access to the live ChiDance Lab after the 5th month, you get discounted access to continue attending the live events.

Regular Members get a 10% discount.
Beta Members get a 20% discount.

* Mixed Students from different programs.

4. Artchemy Atelier

 In the Artchemy Atelier, you can join Maria and others to enjoy a collective creative time together, each working on her project.

You can ask questions, share stories and get my support. Maria is there to guide you with the creative process and with emotional support if the need should arise.

You do not have to attend the atelier
But you have access to it if you want to set aside time to work on your collage with my help or with others.

Keep in mind that other members from other journeys may also show up in some sessions.

No replays available. We want to honor the member's privacy as they share their process.

2nd Tuesday at 2-4PM EST
4th Tuesday at 2-4PM EST

If you want to continued access to the live Artchemy Atelier after the 5th month, you get discounted access to continue attending the live events.

Regular Members get a 10% discount.
Beta Members get a 20% discount.
Easy to read modules.
For the Founding Members we co-create the modules together in the Journey Day.
If you like Jounral writing and art journaling, you will love this journey
Practice at your own pace in your own time. Seise the opportunities to implement in your real life and watch it changing.
Meet other creative women like you to enjoy mutual support.
It's YOUR juorney. Do it at your pace. ENJOY IT!
Enjoy the simple but fun ChiDances to change your energy frequency and BECOME the Goddess!
Chnage can be fun! Join the ChiDance Lab every Thursday.
Save Tuesdays to do the Creative Projects in good company.

Mentorship Level

If you need private, in-depth support at a mentorship level or if you know that you won't do the work alone and need support and accountability, then consider the Mentorship Level.

This includes all the basic features PLUS:

One monthly 2-hr private live session with Maria Mar (Zoom). In this session Maria supports you in implementing the knowledge, working on your specific challenges and addressing any circumstance in your life to clear the path to your success.

> Progress Accountability. Submit your Actions and projects every other week and get Maria's private feedback. You submit the work using the "HomePlay" field in each module. Maria will get back to you with specific private feedback delivered via the same field.

> One weekly email/journal exchange where Maria gives you personal feedback. You can choose to use a private, secured online journal (a bit more work,but with bank-level security) or use regular emails. One exchange per week.

BONUS! One training webinar per semester based on your progress and needs. Every three months, Maria designs a webinar-type training delivered life for the apprentices as part of a week-end retreat to help you do a quantum leap.

Only 3 seats available.

If you want this, select the Mentorship Level Plan.

Have questions? Check the FAQ section.
Before your register, please read the  Beta 2 Member Invitation 
and the Terms of Service so that we are both clear on our agreement.
Once you register, you are accepting this agreement.

Deborah Brodey

Sound Healer,  
Yoga Teacher,
Transformation Guide

On the ChiDances to transform energy patterns...

 Loved the practice! It is simple and beautiful. Felt very joyful and ecstatic. This is a profound practice. I highly recommend it!!

~Debora Brodey (Butterfly Woman and Sound healer)~

Maria Mar

Are you struggling with putting your gifts “out there”? Then Maria is your guide to breaking free from the fears and limitations that steal your gifts from the world. Maria Mar is a storyteller, author, poet, performer, artist and shaman with more than 40 years of experience in transformation through the arts. She has helped creative women in three continents to embody their purpose, unfold their potential, share their gifts and awaken their creative genius. She is a scout for you during change and challenges and helps you go from where you are to where you want to be. Maria invites you to play for your transformation in a magical process that employs creativity to design the life you want. Maria specially loves to work with multi-talented women who are ready to be change-makers but struggle to integrate all their gifts to serve the world. Her shamanic stories are journeys of transformation, manifestation and liberation that lead to potent, immediate and deep changes in your real life.

"The most essential power we can have is the ownership of our authentic selves.

Being able to unravel our organic gifts and strengths in any situation that life presents us is an invaluable asset. When we know the value of our presence in the world we have that asset at our disposal. We can transform and reimagine ourselves effortlessly, and become the masters of our lives.

This is a priceless level of self-authority, a mastery that I was able to distill from all the teachings, guidance. wisdom and support I received from the masterful artist-Shaman Maria Mar.

When I started working with Maria my gifts of dance, embodiment and poetry were hidden in a corner of my heart. I had no idea how to transform my gifts into a sustainable life.

Today, thanks to the priceless gift of knowing my essence and gifts, I have created a life and a career that allow me to offer my gifts and to receive abundance at the same time.

This deep sense of confidence also allows me to be fluid in the midst of the changes that emerge in my path, because deep inside I have learned to claim my place as the leader of my life."

-  Corazon Tierra
Butterfly Woman, Dancer and writer,
Creator of DanzaSpa and EduDanza
Dance Educator & Somatic Movement Educator

Special Invitation

Become a Beta 2 Member!
This offer ends on October 15th at midnight EST

For a limited time only, and with limited space, we are inviting a small group of women as Beta 2 Members.* When you enter our BETA 2 stage, you become a co-creator with me, Maria Mar, helping me improve the online delivery of the program with your feedback. While I can do these journeys, teachings and practices with my eyes closed from having worked with many women for decades, I am translating this knowledge from local ceremonies, one-on-one work, apprenticeships and workshops into an online journey delivered digitally and through online events. This demands a redesign in the delivery. I've gone through a Beta 1 cycle where the members helped me with the structure and gave me feedback on what worked best for them. I am now on a Beta 2 cycle to implement and confirm the re-designed experience. When you join, you become part of this cycle.

As a Beta 2 Member you are part of a support team to help me test-drive the new design, fine-tune it and correct anything that is not working, so that this journey becomes the best possible online experience for generations to come.

So I invite you to join a special group of women who are trailblazers.

This is for you if you...
1. Like to explore and participate in the creation of start up of projects, where you can have significant input.
2. Can deal with things not being perfect and can help address glitches, indicate bumps in the road and are generally good at giving feedback.
3. Value LIVE interaction with Maria Mar
4. Are willing to exchange your time, participation and energy for a more dynamic experience plus a huge discount.
5. Are good in delivering your part in exchanges.

If you are a hands-on woman who loves to participate and recognizes a good exchange when she sees one, then you are welcome to join our BETA 2 Stage.

You will enjoy a $75 discount from the monthly fee, get to play hands on with Maria every month and you will  enjoy life-time access to the journey, no additional fee for upgraded journeys plus 20% off live events if you choose to continue with them. (Charged every trimester.)

NEW! Mentorship Level
There are only 3 seats available for the Mentorship Level, a new addition. The same conditions apply, but this is a monthly subscription plan for a year, so you can work privately, directly and in-depth with me to implement the knowledge and system to your life and make quantum leaps now.

*If you agree to join us now during this enrollment time, you are agreeing to be a BETA 2 Member and to do your part of the exchange. Once this season is over, we will take off this offer and it will be regular prices for everyone who joins after.

Have questions? Check the FAQ section.

Before your register, please read the Beta 2 Member Invitation 
and the Terms of Service so that we are both clear on our agreement.

Once you register, you are accepting this agreement.

Choose your Pricing Plan

Course Pricing

Terms of Service

You have a 14-days full guarantee.
If  you do not want to continue I will refund your money. (It may take a  bit of time as I have to maneuver the technicalities, but I got you  covered. You will get your money back, less administrative fees, and you  can keep your downloads. You will loose access to the program, modules,  Zoom entrance, etc.

To unsubscribe you can: let me know in an event, email me, use my contact form or post a private message in the course site.

After the 14 days, you make a commitment to stay the course.
Remember that this is a co-creation. I am constantly listening to your needs and feedback to improve the journey. If you do the actions for each Milestone and Step, then you will see a change. Be patient. You may have an idea of what that change looks like, but transformation is not linear. You may get a change that you need in order for what you want to be possible.

I am making a  commitment to you by focusing my time, energy and attention on you. You  will be my priority for the time of your journey. You need to make the same commitment.  

What happens if I miss an event? Will I have access to the modules?
If you miss any event, you will have access to the replay for that event. There is no discount or makeup available for any missed events. Artchemy Atelier events do not have replay, but the ChiDance Lab and the Monthly Gathering do.

(Unless  the rare thing happens and it's me who cancels. In that case I will do a  makeup session plus give you a little extra something to say I'm  sorry.)

It there is a technical fluke or Zoom malfunctions or something out of our control, then yes, there will be a makeup session.

The  modules are there for you to go at your own pace. Once you pay, you have lifetime access. They are no going anywhere. However, they are delivered bi-weekly. This means you have two weeks to study and implement the insights, tools and creative project in one Module before the next one is released. It also means that when we meet in the Monthly Gathering, you would have gone through two steps.

When you ask for help, my question will be: "Did you do the Action?" (This refers to the actions, homeplay and/or Creative Project). If you did not, it will show and I will not be able to help you. So do the best you can and I will help you further during our Monthly Gatherings.

If you cancel and ask for a refund before the 5 months are over, you will no longer have access to the modules or events. The reason for this is simple: You pay the full price in 5 installments, once a month. If you do not finish the 5 months, you have not paid in full.

After the journey  ends, if you were registered till the end and did the work, then you keep access for life  so that you can review the modules any time you want. The live events and monthly gatherings may be running at any given time or not. I make no guarantee. During my vacations and writing retreats and when all programs are in hiatus I do no live events. Otherwise, they are available to you at an additional fee.

You are covered! I WANT you to go at your own pace, but to keep going. It's better to go at your own pace than to rush. As long as you keep moving consistently.doing the actions for each Step, you will see the benefits clearly in your life.

This is a BETA 2 Trial. 
I am discounting $75 from the fee each month in exchange for your active participation and feedback. 

This means that at the end of each laboratory, gathering and module you are agreeing to give me feedback so that I can improve the journey for others in the future. You are agreeing to give me honest, positive testimonies which I can use in different ways for my marketing, etc. I'm asking for your truth, so if you don't have positive testimony, that means that you need to give me feedback as to what is not working for you! All is good, as feedback is how I improve my offers.

You are agreeing to inform me of any glitch, things that are not working as they should or any missing stuff.

You are agreeing for our sessions to be recorded. If things get personal, you will have the option to signal me to stop the recording until you finish sharing emotions or other private stuff. 

You are also agreeing to post questions frequently both in private and in the group so that I can answer these questions not only for you, but for future participants. So if you get in, you can't lay back.

When you register, you are agreeing to this.

What happens if...

1) I Want only the Modules and don't want to do the exchange.
Wait until after Beta 2 is finished. When I open the doors to the journey again as a DIY journey. You are welcome to register then. In that case, you will pay full price but you won't have to show up to the Monthly Gatherings. This of course means that you get no live direct help from me. You will also have optional access to the laboratories during the 5 months of the journey and optional access after that at an additional fee.

2) I Want private  guidance
Fantastic! You are in luck, as I just added a Mentorship Level which is available for Beta 2 at a $75 monthly discount from the $700 regular price. Check it out here.

3) I cannot do the ChiDances
The ChiDance uses simple movements and sequences that most people can do. I'm 71 years young, so if I can do it many people can also do it. If you can walk, twist your waist reasonably well and bend to pick up something from the floor, you can do the ChiDances.

This said...

If you have any physical condition or recent operation that makes it hard or impossible for you to do the ChiDances, there is no problem. You can employ a combination of resonance and sensorialization.

Resonance  is what happens when we harmonize with another human being and enter  harmonic resonance, so that we entrain our energy frequency with them.  It happens, for example, when someone is telling a story you like. Your  brain waves entrain with the voice of the storyteller and harmonize with  their brainwaves. Awesome!

Sensorialization  is a visualization using the sense of touch and proprioceptic  sensation. (Propioception=perception or awareness of the position and  movement of the body.) Instead of just visualizing you feel yourself  moving with the person. You feel the movement inside you.

What you do is that you begin deep, slow breathing as you watch me doing the ChiDance. You feel that you are doing them with me or that it is you who is doing them. This is what I call Resonant Sensorialization.

The subconscious does not distinguish between your Resonant Sensorialization and reality. You will rip the benefits.

Let me know so that I remind you to do the Resonant Sensorialization. 

At home, you need to either look at me in a video doing the Chidance or remember me doing it and do it with me.

4) I suck at arts and crafts... will I still benefit?

If you resist, protest and don't do the work, the answer is don't bother. This journey is not for you.

If you open your mind and heart and do the process, the answer is YES.

In fact I'd say you are the one who probably will benefit the most! Because...

1. You will release the Perfectionist who is telling you that you suck at something we can all do.

2. You will let go of tons of stress by learning through creativity.

3.  You will become a child again. In fact, one of the benefits of Artchemy  is that your Inner Children come out to play and are healed (and also  reveal secrets you have forgotten that help you heal.)

4. You will address your believe that you are no good or other narratives stealing this way of human expression from your resources.

Just keep in mind that you are not doing a masterpiece. We are just having fun while using a different way of expressing ourselves.

So get into the play frequency and enjoy your color markers!

What happens if I fall behind and in going at my own pace, cannot finish with the others?

If you do not finish a module, keep going and take your time. You finish when you finish. Every month, if you need help during the Monthly Gathering, I will help you with the tasks you have done, even imperfectly. I cannot help you if you did not read the module, answer the journaling questions and did the creative project. I have no way of helping you because we don't know where you went off as you did nothing. But if you tried, then you tell me what you tried and we'll take it from there.

If the 5 months are finished and you are in module 3, then remember: you have lifetime access. Keep going at your pace. The Feminine Way honors our natural pace and does not push. 

Also remember that you get a special discount to continue access to the live labs after the five weeks, so you can keep receiving my help after the journey ends. And you can continue attending the Montlhly Gatherings as long as I'm offering them. I may not offer them if I'm in vacation/retreat or when all programs are in hiatus. Otherwise, I'll be there.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot make it on the last Thursdays of the month from 2PM to 5PM EST for the live  journey, you can watch the replays, then post  private questions.

You don't have to attend the other events. They are accessible to you so that you can further practice and get help from Maria.

There are no replays for the Artchemy Atelier. If you cannot make it to Tuesdays Artchemy Atelier at 2PM, try for the one at 4:30PM ES. Otherwise you need to catch up with the Artchemy Projects on your own. Another alternative is to ask in the community thread to get a buddy to meet in your Zoom space at your own convenience.

The same for your attendance to the ChiDance Lab on Thursdays 6PM to 8PM EST. If you cannot make it, watch the replay. Then do the ChiDance with us in the replay.

If you want to develop a customized ChiDance with my help, you need to be in the live session as I do not have the bandwidth for individual sessions right now.

A hands-on laboratory allows us to  explore knowledge experientially applying it to your specific situation.  It allows the group to receive insights and practical knowledge from  me, yet to apply to their own situations in their own creative way.  

In the ChiDance Lab I may review the collective ChiDance for the journey. But then you have time to develop your customized ChiDance with my help. Simply ask for help, share your challenge and I will help you BodySource your ChiDance.

In the Artchemy Atelier, attendance may be working in different journeys. You take a seat in the workshop and do your thing. Then when you need help, you let me know and I will help you with your particular situation.

If you joined the Butterfly Women Flight Festival you are already part of the Butterfly Waves Community (Closed FB group). When you register for this journey, you are also enrolled in the Free Goddesses, a premium community just for the students (and ex-students) of this journey. This community is located here on the Zenler platform and is secured and private. When you post a photo here it is just for this community.

If you want to expand your visibility and be brave and shine bigger, you are welcome to post in the Butterfly Waves Community also. Just remember that post where you are offering a service need to be inside the Wednesday weekly post. This said, you can initiate a post at any time to share your collage.

The journey is a Sacred Journey in the shamanic tradition. When we start, I create a sacred container to ensure the protection and guidance of the Divine.  My particular brand of shamanism is like me: non-religious but deeply spiritual, eclectic, culturally syncretic and creative.

Which means that as long as you feel OK with shamanic approach, you can be religious or not, Catholic or Jewish, Wicca or Buddhist or from any other religion or  spiritual practice. It does not matter. I welcome, honor and respect all  religious or spiritual practices.

My shamanic approach is a practical, ecological and creative approach to spirituality. Usually shamans work with energy, perception, intention, emoptions, body-wisdom, creativity and in relationship to the natural and sacred world. As you  see, this is a context that allows for diversity.

Also, like many shamans I am very practical. It's about what works. So I practice an embodied spirituality that you can  use in your life to grow, manifest and blossom.

My system of knowledge and practices are not attached to any specific religious beliefs, though it is based on deep spiritual experience and the understanding that all is energy.

A ChiDance is an energy practice  that uses intentional movement to affect direct changes in your body,  energy, emotions and life in a holistic manner. They are a way of  dancing with energy to reweave the patterns of your life. They follow similar principles as qigong or tai chi and use principles also practiced in somatic movement.

As you intentionally use movement to generate Internal Actions that move, transform and reweave energy, it affects your emotional  body, your posture and other physical structures were habits are  installed. It also affects your chakras and your interaction with the Chi Field.

As you saw on the video, the old Limiting Stories you carry in your subconscious are not just mental memories or  emotional archives. They are embedded as patterns in your energy grid  and tissues. That is why I also called them Story Fields. When these Story Fields carry calcified, stagnant or constricted energy, they interfere with  the harmonious and free flow of energy in your body and energy grid. In  fact, your subtle and inner body are altered to fit the emotions and  constrictions carried by that old pattern! This makes it very hard to  change your habits and triggers old responses that lead to resistance.

This energy dances are a fun, graceful and holistic way to dissolve or transmute your limitations into bridges to your dreams.

The movements are subtle and simple and anyone who can walk can usually do them. I'm 71 years old. So if I can do it, you probably can.

If you have suffered an accident or surgery or have conditions such as arthritis, are pregnant or have any other physical condition that may be aggravated by subtle movements, make sure to consult your doctor before you engage in the ChiDances.

You can ask me private questions by using  the Post Private Questions Tab at the top left of the member site,  emailing  me or asking them in the Open Call when there are no other  members.