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Are you struggling with shining without shame? Do you want an authentic way to share your gifts with the world without being salesy or using marketing lingo that feels fake? But what is it that makes you truly unique? How can you describe your bold, bright, beautiful true colors without sounding weird? And at a deeper level, how can you feel them in your heart so that you can embody them confidently and joyfully?

If these are your questions, this creative project is the answer. I developed it for you! I help you employ your creativity in an easy to make project that makes your invisible, intangible inner qualities and organic gifts brightly visible and richly tangible... so tangible that they are yummy and vibrant! See the colors you bring into the world just by being you. Acknowledge your bold, bright, beautiful true colors and your unique presence. 

Then as you witness your beautiful bright colors and read the keywords that describe your gifts, integrate this experience using the Butterfly Breath practice as you digest the magnificence that you are as a divine expression. Eat your Gifts! Savor them. They are as delicious as an organic chocolate! Mm Mm Aaaah!

Now you are ready to share these bold bright colors and unique gifts with the world. You start sharing in a safe community with other women who also want to shine without shame. Then you can share with friends. And then put your video out there to light the world with your shiny self.

Then, turn on the camera and open your gorgeous Peacock Magnificence Fan... and woo and wow your audience in a playful, magical connection.

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    Maria Mar

    Are you struggling with putting your gifts “out there”? Then Maria is your guide to breaking free from the fears and limitations that steal your gifts from the world. Maria Mar is a storyteller, author, poet, performer, artist and shaman with more than 40 years of experience in transformation through the arts. She has helped creative women in three continents to embody their purpose, unfold their potential, share their gifts and awaken their creative genius. She is a scout for you during change and challenges and helps you go from where you are to where you want to be. Maria invites you to play for your transformation in a magical process that employs creativity to design the life you want. Maria specially loves to work with multi-talented women who are ready to be change-makers but struggle to integrate all their gifts to serve the world. Her shamanic stories are journeys of transformation, manifestation and liberation that lead to potent, immediate and deep changes in your real life.

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