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Explore arts and crafts as an alchemy to create the life and work you want.

I'm opening the Artchemy Atelier to provide women a creative space for nurturing joy, creating beauty and restoring harmony for our emotional well-being. Whohoo!    

You are a creative being. But the times we are facing feed human fear, anger and separation,  making you feel that your gifts don't matter in the face of so much grief.

But your gifts, your beauty and your joy matter now more than ever.

The Artchemy Atelier experience uplifts your energy frequency so that you can embrace life with more faith, vitality and delight.

Finally, it helps you minimize the stress of change by enjoying art as a vehicle for transformation.    

If you are a creative, spiritual woman, if you share your gifts and talents with others and if you empower others through change-making, healing and other services; then you know that you need to replenish your joy, juice-up your creativity and uplift your energy frequency in order to stay strong, walk your talk and serve others without burning out. That is especially true at this time.

Your Creative Response to the Time we are Living

  • How do you as a creative, spiritual woman respond to these traumatic times lovingly and effectively? 
  • How do you offset the negativity, imbalance, grief and anger that current and disturbing events trigger? 
  • How do you ensure that you are part of the solution, not the problem, when those around you are reactive, depressed, or too disturbed to activate their creative agency? 
  • How do you stay in the joy and love frequency ~not as avoidance~ but as strength to care for yourself and others?

I've created this space for you. Here you can respond to these traumatic times by...

  • Creating deeper beauty and sharing it with others, reclaiming your Feminine Gifts.
  • Nurturing your joy, self-care and emotional well-being.
  • Finding inspiration to uplift yourself and stay positive, and
  • Raising your love and joy vibration to stay stronger

What is the Artchemy Atelier? 

The Artchemy Atelier is a magical space where arts and crafts become a joyful way to create change in your life, explore your possibilities, express your brilliance and share a moment of beauty that keeps you inspired, empowered and fluid to meet life with imagination, openness and  positivity.

 I've created a treasure cove of arts and crafts experiences with collage, mixed media and other fun activities. You don't have to be an artist or to want to master arts to enjoy these activities and allow them to refresh your creativity.

We will also do journaling and art journaling. I also include special events for graceful in-depth transformations... and you get to tell me what you want!

In an intimate group of women we are free and safe to enjoy creativity, do beauty, laugh together and uplift our energy frequencies.  

Today more than ever we need to find inspiration and to ease life's changes so that we can do them creatively instead of struggling through them.  

My intention is to provide this sacred, delightful and inspiring space for us all.

The Artchemy Atelier meets every second Tuesday of the month from 2PM-4PM EST.

How can Art Help me at this Time? 

Art has been used for millennia as the path for healing, manifestation and transformation. From the Tibetan Monks creating sand paintings to the Indian teacher's Mandalas and the African drumming and dancing, art is the laboratory where you explore possibilities and rewrite reality.

I combine visual art, embodiment and movement art, poetry, writing and storytelling with ceremony and shamanic journeys. The result is a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional approach that has potent alchemical effect in your emotions, perceptions and vibrations.

If you like to laugh, to experience delight and to "flip" things on their head to find new solutions, you are going to LOVEplaying with me in the Artchemy Atelier.

If you'd rather use art to facilitate a joyful transformation instead of suffering through change, you are going to THRIVE in the monthly sessions.

If you love arts and crafts, art journaling, journaling and collage-making ~or  if you are looking to find out how to do these activities to enrich your life and inspire yourself~ you are going to ENJOY our Tuesdays together!

Check out some of the Artchemy Projects that we'll be enjoyin.

Maria, How Can you Help Me?

I am Maria Mar, the Art Shaman. I was trained directly by the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom in self-transformation through the use of art.

Through the creative-intuitive intelligence of the heart, I help women reclaim their Feminine Gifts ~ which include creativity, intuition, delight, compassion, embodiment, emotional intelligence and many other qualities. These gifts   have been devalued by patriarchy but are essential to heal ourselves from the trauma of this era while bringing balance to humanity.

I've been exploring art as a path of transformation for more than five decades. Not only have I walked my talk and healed my personal wounds and learned limitations through the medium of art; but I have helped women in three continents to become the unique creative genius they were born to be and to create the life and work they dreamed, through the use or art.  

  • I am passionate about you being the creator of the life you want and the world you want to inhabit.  
  • I am passionate about each of us being a co-creator, with the universe or the Divine, of our reality.  
  • I am passionate about living a joyful, inspired life full of beauty and delight, and 
  • I am passionate about women reclaiming their Goddess and nurturing their Feminine Gifts.  
As a result of these passions, I have developed systems, tools and magical experiences that allow you to shift your perception to see things in a different light. One of these systems is Artchemy(tm) ~a process to use art as alchemy for life.

When you use art, you can easily "flip" reality. This allows you to respond in fresh, new ways that in turn open new possibilities and changes your reality. 

In the Artchemy Atelier we are going to have a color party! YES! We are going to feed our eyes so much beauty and yummy colors that they are going to shine!

We are going to reeelaaaax and if you know me, you know we are going to LAAAAAUGH!

We are going to listen to our heart and let it become our compass to create beauty and express our Feminine Gifts until our Goddess Self also shines!

And in nurturing our Goddess with beauty, delight and organic change, we are going to be a beacon of light in these dark times.

Join me in this magical space!

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Course Curriculum

What participants have said about the experience of Artchemy...

"This was fun!"

"Thanks for seeing who I truly am."

"It felt so sacred!"

"I loved the mosaic! When I hummed as I was drinking the gifts I truly felt that I was absorbing my gifts deeply."

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  • Join a small group of creative women to share joy, inspiration and beauty.
  • Give yourself company and support to create beauty in your life.
  • Receive guidance and inspiration to create art that changes your life.
  • Tell Maria what you need and she'll create a project to help you with it!
  • Easy, joyful arts and crafts project to relax and enjoy art.
  • Inspiration, shamanic insights, positive perspective, a higher frequency!
  • FLIP IT! Bring your challenges and let's do art to flip it!
  • Laughter. Delight. Beingness. Beauty. Creativity. Togetherness.
  • Ensure a sacred space to create the life you want.
  • Tools & insights to change what you do NOT want and manifest what you DO!
  • Downloadable materials, like templates, drawings, art by Maria and more!
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